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The conference room at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel where the ICC meeting was held

Cover story

The men who sold the world

Cricket administrators have always been guided by self-interest, but today one half swears by self-aggrandisement and the other by self-preservation

Sri Lanka fans cheer on their side at the MCG

World Cup 2015

The new world order

Bragging rights aside, the method and means of growing the game will ultimately determine its success as a truly global event.

Viv Richards hits the defining shot of the 1983 World Cup final


Kapil drops Viv

A stunning catch, an untimely injury, an umpiring error: to what extent has cricket been shaped by whim and fortune? Let us ponder the what ifs

David Frith

Frith's Encounters

A memento from another age

A collection of player portraits that reminds us of a time when cricketers walked the same common clay as ourselves

The media at the pre-match press conference in Colombo

Controlling the message

Cricket boards need to realise the game will not perish if they don't monetise every "product" and police the utterances of every player

BCCI president N Srinivasan during the ICC meeting

The sovereign republic of the BCCI

The Indian board is setting a precedent by ignoring the FTP, and thus seemingly reserving the right to do with international cricket as it pleases

South Africa give Ricky Ponting a guard of honour

Farewell: Ricky Ponting

The very essence of desire

To one Australian captain, winning was the main thing - and so it remained for him till the end