The Indian players look at the giant screen for the TV replay

Endless summer

India's 1991-92 tour of Australia spanned four months, but for the youngsters, the thrill of touring and being seen on TV kept homesickness at bay

Andre Russell sends one down

Enough with the bowling variations

In T20 cricket, using slower balls and other variations has become an invitation to get hit into the stands

Kevin Pietersen holds his bat by the base

Can we do something about monster bats?

Modern bats are getting chunkier by the day, while not getting much more heavy. This gives batsmen an unfair advantage

Alastair Cook was bowled by Ryan Harris off the first ball of the innings

Go forward, not back

Why an initial back-foot trigger movement may not be a great idea

Sachin Tendulkar bats

A touch of Viv

In his youth, Tendulkar was the kind of attacking batsman who would have set T20 ablaze, had the format existed