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Younis Khan takes a break

Cover story

Defiant till I die

How to survive as a batsman in Pakistan, parrying blows, fighting the system, soaring to greatness. Aka, the Younis Khan story

Dale Steyn close-up


The art of the interview

It can be adversarial, revelatory, somewhere between conversation and interrogation. This month we showcase a triumph of the genre

Misbah-ul-Haq fields

Misbah breaks it down

The Pakistan captain talks about the many observations, plots and decisions that go into the game's most important task: taking wickets

Imran Khan leads the Pakistan team out of the the field

The fast man and the leggie

It's a bowling partnership not peculiar to Pakistan but highly identifiable with the country

Majid Khan, Barry Richards, Mike Brearley and John Stephenson

Majid's plan for Pakistan cricket

Along with his son Bazid, the former Pakistan batsman has come up with a proposal - though hardly the first - to decentralise domestic cricket in the country

Andrew Jennings


Give us this day a whistle-blower

We need investigative zeal to counter the stunning lack of transparency in cricket administration

Mitchell Johnson in his delivery stride

How simple is spotting a no-ball?

Hardly: bowling actions, and the circumstances of the job, make it difficult for the umpire to detect whether the bowler has overstepped

Kumar Sangakkara close-up


Seeking the man in the superman

Everything about Kumar Sangakkara appears unreal. Until one gets up close and personal