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Dig deeper into India for talent

The BCCI needs to do more to ensure young talent from the country's towns and districts isn't unnoticed

Reflections on the Ranji Trophy

Bring back the Mumbai pride

There is evidence to suggest Mumbai's early exit from the Ranji Trophy was a setback waiting to happen. Thorough and quick action is needed to revive Mumbai cricket

Reflections on the Ranji Trophy

Weed out chuckers and age cheaters

The BCCI must ban players who fudge age. And if a bowler with a suspect action is 'called' again after rehab, he too shouldn't be allowed to play at any level

Reflections on the Ranji Trophy

Coaching the coaches

Indian cricket needs coaches who are experienced and not degree holders without any coaching experience

The great Indian selection circus

Selections at state level are often biased or done under threat. The country needs a good system managed by reputed cricketers

Reflections on the Ranji Trophy

A curate's egg

Wickets are often prepared to suit the home side, but instituting an award for the best curator based on the performance of the pitch could help end that practice