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Shane Warne

A wizard, a star

An undisputed legend who mastered cricket's most difficult discipline - not least its mental aspects

Anil Kumble

Exemplary to the end

He may have been the least successful of the great modern trio, but his worth ought to be measured by how he raised the bar for Indian spin

Sourav Ganguly

Silk and steel

With the bat in hand, Sourav Ganguly was all immaculate timing and delicate touches. As captain, he toughened India up, made them believe they could win against anyone

Wasim Akram

The sorcerer

His deception and the ability to test every part of a batsman's game made Wasim Akram truly great

Composite: Ricky Ponting, Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara

Brian Lara

The spectacular Mr Lara

When he was batting, grace and style were paramount, and anything seemed possible: there was no greater sight in cricket

Sachin Tendulkar

Beyond legendary

He has played for two decades, carrying the hopes of a nation, and done it with grace and class. Tendulkar has transcended every other cricket hero there is

Short form, big stage

Why Twenty20 needs to make it to the Olympics if cricket is to be a truly global sport

Celebrating struggle

There is extra satisfaction in playing a scratchy knock, in concentrating harder than usual, in pulling yourself back into form

No cause for panic

Sri Lanka were less than optimal at Galle, failing to build partnerships in particular, but all's not lost yet