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Cover of <i>Wisden India Almanack 2015</i>

Wisden India Almanack 2015

Timeless tales and the Big Three political thriller

The Wisden India Almanack 2015 hits the spot with its feature writing, but the reporting of the major events of the year on and off the field is a mixed bag

Commentator Brian Johnston broadcasts from the bathtub


The internet of my youth

The best radio commentators kindled the imagination. And some of their lines you never forgot

MS Dhoni walks back for the lunch break

Why Dhoni needs to speak out

It can't do Indian cricket any good when there is rampant speculation over the motives and methods of its highest-profile player

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi watches the game

From pioneer to pariah

There is no one in the BCCI with Lalit Modi's marketing savvy, but don't shed any tears for his expulsion. He was far from an innocent victim

IPL fixing allegations

The sound of silence

Gauging from the official broadcast of the IPL you'd be hard-pressed to guess there has been a spot-fixing scandal over the past few days

Indian cricket

Storm in Hyderabadi dinner-plate

It's the most unlikely spat - a storm in a dinner-plate, if you will - between the most unlikely protagonists

Kolkata Knight Riders

Finally, a winning script

The post-match celebrations by Shah Rukh Khan, captured faithfully by the host broadcasters, overran the limits of good taste and induced cringes in all thinking people watching the show

Kolkata v Chennai, IPL 2012, final, Chennai

Finally, a winning script

A city that has long lived on the fringes of sporting success has finally hit the headlines for the right reasons

Mumbai Indians

'Chill,' she told Gayle

Cricketers routinely receive bad press for being arrogant, out of touch and living in a bubble