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Brian Close hooks Andy Roberts


Brian Close was not afraid of the cricket ball

Cary Grant poses in a cricket sweater

It's a hit!

Hollywood goes to cricket. You won't find this on TMZ

Chris Gayle signals the end of another batsman

Quotes of the year

Enthusiastic in-laws and Ashes slugfests

This year we realised that administrators say the darnedest things and that cricketers can sometimes be funny

Quotes of the year

Muesli, murder, and Martian visitors

Who said what and about whom: the agony of being KP, talking stumps, hamburger-stopping, and more

Timeline 1

Goodbye Rahul, hello Captain Pup

The first quarter of 2012 had whitewashes, record defeats, and a goodbye to India's greatest No. 3


An elegy for Peter Roebuck

It has been a year since Peter Roebuck committed suicide in South Africa

Timeline 2

Bradman's last to Tendulkar's 50th

A look at Test cricket's milestones from the second half of the last century and the first decade of this one

Don't win it for Sachin

It's not just about Tendulkar. Here's a list of people and causes India can win the World Cup for