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A cruise ship can be seen in the distance from Warner Park

Big ships

The water kind, not the Warwick kind

A vendor sells cricket bats on the corner of a road in Nagpur

Make that sale

There's all sorts of money to be made around the game (and we're not talking TV rights cash)

Mike Atherton helps himself to a sandwich in the dressing room after England's win

Photo feature

Take a look inside

Cricket dressing rooms: where the smell of sweat, champagne and sandwiches co-mingle with the tastes of victory and defeat

Curtly Ambrose and Malcolm Marshall walk back after sharing ten wickets between them in England's first inning

In sheep's clothing

Sweaters, jumpers, cardies, woolies - why do we need them in cricket?

The shadows of players are seen as they stand in silence in memory of Bob Woolmer

Shady times

Hello darkness, light's old friend

A fan waits for the start of play

Photo feature

Wait for a pause

Lulls in the game are not necessarily dull

Soldiers of the West Riding regiment play cricket, circa 1912

It's not war

Sport is not armed combat, but sometimes the two do find themselves in close proximity

A fan sits with spots of sunscreen on his back

White riot

'Tis the colour of Test cricket season