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The cover image of the 2017 <i>Wisden India Almanack</i>

Wisden India Almanack

The book that keeps on giving

The Wisden India Almanack, like its English counterpart, is evidence that print retains its charm in our digital age

A Sri Lankan fan bites his nails



Cricket fans live with the feeling because they know fandom is diluted without it

Sachin Tendulkar walks off to a rousing ovation

Wisden India Almanack 2014

Farewells and remembered pleasures

Goodbyes to Tendulkar and others, delightful essays and detailed recaps - the 2014 edition of the Indian Wisden has plenty to treasure

Pataudi: Nawab of Cricket

The many Pataudis

Twenty-two essays delve into the legacy of one of Indian cricket's most significant figures

Fanatic Indian supporters cause a riot in the Eden Garden stands

Hooked on torment

What are you if you switch the TV on at three in the morning knowing full well your team will probably get a pasting?

Book excerpt

Eden on an impulse

India v Pakistan in Kolkata, Laxman and Ganguly at the crease. Fly into town for the day?

Balwinder Sandhu gets Gordon Greenidge, and thus begins the changing of the guard

No. 16

Greenidge loses his off stump

The third World Cup final: Sandhu lands the punch that makes the knockout possible

Sourav Ganguly speaks during the cricket clinic

Eastern son

Sourav Ganguly fired Bengal's imagination. He was a talisman the state had waited too long for

A fan's dilemma

Just which team does one cheer for in the IPL? A cricket watcher agonises

Half the battle

Cricket is perhaps unique among team sports in that individual face-offs within the larger contests matter almost as much as the main event. Tendulkar v Lee, anyone?