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David Frith is an author, historian, and founding editor of Wisden Cricket Monthly
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A snooze, a smoke, a roar

Aug 11, 2011: The Test match-watching experience has changed over the years - the players' faces are obscured, the grounds are more coldly impersonal - but the buzz of a big game remains

David Frith

David Frith's play-for-your-life XI

For your money (and your life)

Oct 20, 2010: A play-for-your-life XI who'll do you proud when it's a choice between not losing and heading to the gas chamber

David Frith

No. 15


Apr 10, 2010: There was outrage over England's tactics in the 1932-33 Ashes, but in the years that followed bouncers shocked no one

David Frith

Alec Bedser

A giant of his generation

Apr 5, 2010: Alec Bedser was an impressive figure of a man, and his feats with the ball were befittingly large

David Frith

No, Prime Minister

Mar 4, 2010: A one-time school-mate remembers John Howard, the nominee for the ICC's top post, and a genteel disagreement they had over a certain urn

David Frith

No. 9

The golden age

Feb 20, 2010: Before the First World War came a period in cricket marked by the brilliance of dashing amateurs

David Frith

David Shepherd

The epitome of the English sportsman

Oct 28, 2009: Shep was a cricketer before he was an umpire, and in both roles he loved the game immensely

David Frith

The XI

What does this team tell us?

Aug 28, 2009: The jury's choice seems a comment on the reduced role of skill in the modern game

David Frith

Scarlet: Clarrie Grimmett - Test Cricketer

Unconventional, endearing, imperfect

May 2, 2009: A few errors aside, a tasty biography of the legspinner who discovered the flipper - and the cost of irking The Don

David Frith

Ray Lindwall

My own private legend

Jan 14, 2009: The greatest of fast bowlers, the nicest of men

David Frith

A prince, a Pom, two Aussies

Jan 6, 2009: Oh to see old faithfuls in living colour

David Frith

Can't Bat, Can't Bowl, Can't Field

Fun and games

Sep 13, 2008: Unlike far too many cricket writers, Johnson refuses to take the game too seriously - and thank goodness for that

David Frith

John Arlott: A Memoir

In the name of the father

Aug 16, 2008: Arlott wasn't perfect and this book, by his son, readily admits so

David Frith

Between Wickets

Golden oldies

Jul 5, 2008: Robinson's profiles of pre-war giants is a tonic for the soul

David Frith

Cricket Prints

Crusoe's portraits

May 10, 2008: Robertson-Glasgow's sharp assessments of his contemporaries are still current

David Frith

Beyond a Boundary

Highly recommended

Apr 5, 2008: The book widely acknowledged as the finest ever written on the game

David Frith

10 for 66 and All That

Life of Mailey

Mar 8, 2008: The story of the only Australian to take nine wickets in a Test innings, told in a rich fruitcake of a book

David Frith

George Headley

An old master

Oct 15, 2004: A conversation with the most distinguished figure in the Bridgetown Test crowd

David Frith

The lonely colossus

Solitary and often moody, Hammond was England's giant in the age of Bradman, and his figures bear testament to a career of mammoth achievements

David Frith

Hero, headliner, heartthrob

Perhaps cricket's first pin-up, Miller's game was marked by flair, devil-may-care insouciance, and awareness always that it was all just a game

David Frith
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