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Cover of <i>All in a Day's Cricket</i>

Review: All in a Day's Cricket

Dyed in sepia

Controversy, romanticism, derring-do and idiosyncrasy - a recent anthology takes us on an evocative ride through cricket's past

The Business of Cricket

Understanding the biz

There has been far too little analysis of the economics of the game in India, its financial nerve centre. This book makes a start

Sachin: Genius Unplugged

A mixed bag of tributes

There isn't much new that you can write about a man who gives up so little about himself

A poster of the film <i>Lagaan</i>

What has cricket given Indian pop culture?

Cricket is omnipresent in India, but the films that reference the sport have mostly been banal, the ads star-obsessed, and fiction bordering on nil

Ten Years After Cronje

Cricket and the lure of betting

Each IPL game fetches upwards of £10 million in legal bets. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Will legalising betting in India end the fixing menace once and for all?

The IPL mess

Efforts on to force Modi's resignation

Monday's Governing Council meeting is certain to go ahead without Lalit Modi and the only question is whether he will jump or be pushed

The IPL and the limits of the free market

The Ravindra Jadeja verdict suggests the IPL is attempting to put in place checks on player power in an effort to protect the league's interests

Pass the gravy

There's a lot of silly money flying around in the IPL: Indian players will benefit, but it's a little more complicated for the franchises

The screen-eyed monster

The 2000s saw cricket's television economy grow unprecedentedly and begin to dictate terms like never before