Rob Steen

Sports writer and senior lecturer in sports journalism at the University of Brighton

Alastair Cook had to battle through the early stages

Cheers to England's leftist leaning

Their distrust of left-hand batsmen goes back centuries, but the current Test squad belies that bias entirely

David Gower flicks behind square on his way to 68

An ode to Gower

Exquisitely flawless, the former England captain was the Rembrandt of batting: all touch, timing and subtle depth; and never better than 30 years ago

Michael Atherton and Nasser Hussain

What makes a good commentator?

The best are subtle, unhurried cheerleaders who never rush to judgement but rise above the din

Imran Tahir takes a catch off his own bowling to dismiss Lahiru Thirimanne

It's white-knuckle time

The best-laid plans can come spectacularly undone in knockout situations. Which is why we love them

New Zealand bat against Australia

Of Citizen Kane and brave captains

The Amiss awards for the first third of the World Cup - named for a batsman who knew a thing or two about courage and common sense

Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray ahead of the 2015 Australian Open men's singles final

Equality v excellence: what's your pick?

In the last few years, a handful of players have dominated tennis; in cricket, the playing field has never been more level

AB de Villiers blasted away the record for the fastest ODI century, getting there in only 31 balls

Gimme slimmer bats over fatter records

Unlike in baseball, where you could mistake Babe Ruth's slugger for a modern-day one, in cricket the difference in sizes and weights is mind-boggling - and harmful