Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan is a writer based in the USA

A sand sculptor stands by a rendition of the World Cup trophy


The one that matters

World Cup memories are special. What do you remember of cricket's biggest tournament?  

Kevin Pietersen talks on the phone


Listen to KP

But at your own peril. The inflection and delivery are spot on, the perspective maddening

The England players wait for a review against David Warner


Gently down the stream

The Oxford has over a dozen entries for drift. It could have been invented for cricket

A man carries beer back to his seat


The silken and the subtle

One of the greatest batsmen of our age stars in this issue. And one of the finest bowlers of a time gone by

K Sankara Rao

The wizard Elz

Twenty-two years ago an Australian computer programmer pioneered online text commentary for cricket matches

MS Dhoni watches the winning hit clear the rope

India v Sri Lanka, tri-series final, Port-of-Spain

Dhoni keeps his end-over promise

His greatest contribution may be turning fans inured to close defeats and panicky collapses into a set that refuses to believe a game is lost as long as he stays in

A fan's notes

A cricket geek tells of first coming across the site, going on to work for it, and going back to becoming an ordinary reader again