Damith Samarakoon

Damith Samarakoon is a Sri Lankan cricket fanatic living in Sydney. He blogs regularly at www.theflyslip.net

Tillakaratne Dilshan might hope the ground opens up under him after dropping a catch

Sri Lankan cricket

Sri Lanka in a World Cup funk

For a Sri Lanka fan, the team's losing streak in the New Zealand ODIs is perhaps the equivalent of getting paralysed by poison. Your body is immobile giving the impression that you've died, but inside, you are still very much alive. Screaming.

'I do struggle to convert fifties into hundreds'

Angelo Mathews is the man Sri Lanka turn to when they need a finisher in a chase. He talks about the pressure of the role, his Test form, and captaincy ambitions

Letters to Sanga

If there's one thing that Sri Lanka Cricket is good at, it's communicating with its star players

Australia v Sri Lanka, CB Series, Sydney

If it's Sydney, it must be a Sri Lankan win

Big hits, steely glares, great music and lively entertainment makes even a one-sided game rather fun

If Steve Jobs had run cricket

The sport would have been played in pristine outfits, by beautiful people who'd get all their problems solved by someone smarter than the umps

The cult of Thilan

There walk among us those who will rip your intestines out, fill them with Statsguru links and feed them back to you if you say a word against Samaraweera

Welcome to the pack, Geoff

Sri Lanka's new coach gets introduced to the ways of the team's senior players