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Children play cricket in a street in Port-of-Spain

Dear Cricket Monthly

The window

Letter from... San Juan, Trinidad

Jumbo the peanut seller carries a Trinidad & Tobago flag at Queen's Park Oval


The last character

Jumbo is a tired man. But he is still going at Trinidad's Queen's Park Oval, spreading fun and joy for the price of peanuts

West Indies' mentorship problem

The experienced players are out; the legends of the past aren't exactly interested. Who is to guide the new generation?

No. 19

Worrell becomes captain

A cricketer and a gentleman who gave a sense of unity to West Indian cricket and championed the cause of player rights

No. 16

Constantine and Headley

With their outstanding talent the two forced the cricketing elite to reconsider their view about the ability of black cricketers

Lara: The Untamed Spirit

Patchy chronicle of a proud career

It is neither a definitive work nor a useful one for reference. At best it's a match-by-match account

West Indies in 2009

Sagas, strife and silver linings

West Indies started the year on a high, plunged into crisis, and seemed to revive at the tail-end