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Kane Williamson nails a pull shot

The figure a shot makes

It's about trusting yourself rather than premeditating events, achieving simplicity in a complex environment, and finding clarity in the midst of a contest

AB de Villiers scored 55 runs off his last 13 deliveries

Has sport ever had it so good?

The doomsayers may believe different, but sport is a more prominent part of our culture than ever, and fears of its decline are vastly exaggerated

AB de Villiers drove to backward point

The man with no minus

In most sportsmen, extraordinary ability and strengths are inevitably accompanied by some inadequacy, big or small. Not so with AB de Villiers

Garry Sobers on his way to 150*, his final Test hundred

Can sportsmen be called geniuses?

Mastery, playfulness, naturalness, style, wonder, mystery - all these concepts are relevant to the idea of genius. But is the term relevant to sport at all?