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Rahul Dravid stands alone as the Indian innings falls apart around him

World Cup 2015

The World Cup and Me

Drawn to the sport as a young boy, one of India's greatest cricketers talks about the highs and lows -- and the in-betweens -- of his three trip World Cup experiences.

A great spinner who could become a titan

Harbhajan Singh has done wonderfully well for India but his legacy will be determined by how he deals with his current slump

Dhoni needs a second wind as captain

He's still the best man for the job, for a number of reasons, but his leadership style could do with tweaking

Ricky Ponting pulls during an innings that steadied a wobbly Australia

The eternal battler

All top cricketers are united by their refusal to give up. Ricky Ponting had that quality in spades, and plenty besides