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Brendon McCullum and Iain O'Brien look at the weather

Baz and I

It wasn't the easiest thing in the world being in the same team as Brendon McCullum

Steven Smith waits for his turn to bat

What happens in a batting collapse

The mood inside the dressing room turns sour, and batsmen forget to play the way they normally do. It doesn't have to be like that

Brad Haddin puts a consoling hand on David Warner's head

What makes Warner snap?

His tendency to get in opponents' faces has been in focus in recent weeks. Do we know what is motivating this behaviour?

Shane Watson was struck below the helmet by a Stuart Broad bouncer

Living and working with the bouncer

Hitting someone with a short one is sickening for a bowler, and worse for the batsman, but the game must go on, and the bouncer is a part of the game

Ricky Ponting in his farewell Test

Hate to Love

One scrapper to rule them all

Ricky Ponting was the last person you wanted to spite. If you tried, you were in for a pasting

Mitchell Johnson trapped Alastair Cook lbw

England in Australia 2013-14

The strange beast called confidence

While Mitchell Johnson rides a wave, Alastair Cook has discoverd the perils of having to take big decisions alone in a stressful time