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Shivnarine Chanderpaul made 28

Chanderpaul's lesson

His career, with its excellence and its quirks, tells us that cricket is big enough to contain everything and everyone

Don Bradman practises in the nets at the SCG

Why didn't everyone copy Bradman?

Today unorthodox, self-taught techniques are celebrated and emulated, but the greatest batsman of all had few followers

Virender Sehwag is unstoppable

The 3-2-1 scale

How about a measure of excellence that rates players' skills across the international formats?

Village cricket at Tilford in Surrey


The river of cricket

If there is such a thing as a cricketing life, it is one that plunges into the water and rides along the current

David Willey tees off

What is the X-factor in cricket?

It's hard to pin down, particularly in statistics. You could say it's an aesthetic, an impression that what players who have it are doing is innate to them