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Village cricket at Tilford in Surrey


The river of cricket

If there is such a thing as a cricketing life, it is one that plunges into the water and rides along the current

David Willey tees off

What is the X-factor in cricket?

It's hard to pin down, particularly in statistics. You could say it's an aesthetic, an impression that what players who have it are doing is innate to them

Andrew Flintoff faces a bowling machine in the indoor nets

Technology and the amateur cricketer

Having your game dissected can be disconcerting but fun if you're not a serious cricketer. Professionals, though, have no choice but to live with it

Despite a change of ball colour, Ian Bell remained in good touch

What will Ian Bell's legacy be?

He always made the difficult look easy and rarely got the recognition his batting deserved. The difficulty of replacing him may determine his worth

Mike Tyson punches Evander Holyfield

Should Cook think of quitting now?

Modern captains get only fleeting moments when they can leave the game on their own terms before the pressure is back again

Alastair Cook won the toss and chose to bat

Is it time to rethink the toss?

Why not let captains decide what batting or bowling first is worth and use runs to buy the advantage?

Michael Carberry reflects on his poor error

The pain of the discarded England opener

Facing the new ball acts like a can-opener on a candidate's game and his psyche. Also, failure in the role is harder to deal with than for other players

Adam Gilchrist celebrates his century

The post-Gilchrist effect

We don't know how change will manifest itself, but it is certain that Test cricket will soon feel the shiver that has run up through T20 to ODIs

Steven Smith on his way to an unbeaten half-century

Can England find their Steven Smith?

The Australian's success story is a fine example of why a team must stick with a player it believes to be talented

Brendon McCullum and the New Zealand team walk off the field

Being McCullum

He has found a way of keeping his instincts free and fearless while offering real gravitas, and that is quite something to behold