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Mark Ramprakash plays with a straight bat

Hate to Love

The burden of being Ramps

Mark Ramprakash was a complex beast, and so was being a fan of him

Not a great year for the Universe Boss so far, but he will always be remembered as a symbol of the revolution the IPL wrought

Gayle at sunset

If these ODIs are his last bow in England, then he will go out as he came in, demanding to be watched (but not heard)

Les Loader bowls


You're never too old for cricket

The story of a club where senior citizens prove they're better than striplings a quarter their age or less

Joe Root scores 254 against Pakistan

The right kind of hunger

Joe Root takes John Hotten through his match-winning 254 against Pakistan in 2016

Chris Gayle walks out to bat after missing four games

What Gayle tells us

T20 batting will move on from him, but for now, as he stands on the verge of yet another monolithic landmark, he is a reminder of what is possible in the game

Peter Roebuck

The return of Peter Roebuck

The typescript pages of his newly discovered diaries from 1986 provide an intimate window into the man's thoughts and reflections