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Pakistan cricket

Captain who?

Four candidates are in the running to lead Pakistan for the World Twenty20 in the the Caribbean

Indian Premier League

With great paean

In the desperate search for superlatives, players and coaches are constantly going overboard, and a brilliant case in point is the IPL

Pakistan cricket

Crackdown concerns in Pakistan

While the motives behind the decisions to hand out bans to the Pakistan players are laudable, the haphazard manner in which they are likely to be carried out could see Pakistani cricket sink deeper into the quagmire

Australia in New Zealand 2009-10

Failing to shed a tear for Clarke

The reason for Australia's vice-captain Michael Clarke for walking out on the tour of New Zealand, has disappointed Chris Rattue and in the New Zealand Herald , the writer wonders whether the batsman would have quit an Ashes series?

Indian Premier League

Richly deserved?

The sport is big money in India, but this piece in the Economic Times believes it’s not quite cricket to prise such sums for new IPL franchises in a country where others sports house themselves in cowsheds and crumbling infrastructure.

Indian cricket

Tracing Dhoni

India captain MS Dhoni's rise to the top reflects the story of the rise of different layers of society, with cricket often anticipating that change