Hassan Cheema

Ahmed Shehzad was caught short despite a dive

Pakistan's vicious circle of failure

Their ODI series loss to Bangladesh highlights several failings - the biggest being that man for man their best XI was a lesser team

Misbah-ul-Haq at the press conference after the India-Pakistan match

Cover story

The logician

A man of reason, numbers and sense, it is no wonder Misbah-ul-Haq, Pakistan's most un-Pakistani captain, has never connected with fans like someone of his accomplishments ought to have done

Wahab Riaz tries to get on Shane Watson's nerves

Did Pakistan fail?

Given the circumstances, they did the opposite in the World Cup, bringing fervour back to their fan base

Pakistan get together after a wicket

The jazba is back

It might be just a brief glimmer, but after a miserable build-up to the World Cup, Pakistan are bowling like their exalted predecessors

MS Dhoni watches as Asad Shafiq's middle stump is pegged back by Yuvraj Singh

Pakistanis should stop crying fixing

The obsessive tendency to paint players as corrupt following every defeat has served to deflect attention from the team's real problems

Fawad Alam runs past Dhammika Prasad

Pakistan's dot-ball problem

They seem to be hung up on what worked for the team in the 1992 World Cup, not realising that the rest of the world has moved past those strategies