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Matthew Barker

The Wisden Cricketer - August 2007

How cricket made Italian football

Matthew Barker reports on the links between Italy's Serie A football side, Genoa, and cricket

Dr. Simone Gambino

Italy: Bologna and Capannelle on the run

Half way through the preliminary phase of the European Incoming Services Cup (the Italian Championship), Bologna Web Italia and defending Champions Capannelle Sharp are on the run

European Domestic Starting Dates

With some countries already in full whites, 'Beyond The Test World' thought it was appropriate to brief you on when the various European competitions get underway

Simone Gambino

Italy: April Fool's Day start to the Italian season

The off season story of Italian cricket saying that the only way Brera Milan could lose the Italian Cup was by not turning up at the ground proved shortlived when the odds on favorites suffered a dramatic 7 run defeat in the preliminary round at