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Reverse Sweep

A stern eye on South Africa's past

May 6, 2017: A new history of the country's cricket in recent years is unsparing in its portrayal of a divided society

Firdose Moonda

When Sri Lanka went to cuckoo land

Feb 2, 2017: Tony Opatha led a rebel side to South Africa in 1982 - a tour on which a certain ill-suppressed madness lurked around the edges

Luke Alfred

South Africa news

Bacher lauds de Villiers for 'wise' decision

Jan 18, 2017: AB de Villiers has made a "wise decision" in the "best interests of South African cricket," by sitting out of Test cricket for most of the rest of 2017

Firdose Moonda

Under African skies

Dec 21, 2015: The country whose team sits atop the Test rankings continues its fight to establish its democratic credentials. Cricket is one of the canvases on which the struggle takes place

Telford Vice

South Africa'’s Greatest Batsmen

South Africa's batting dream team

Sep 14, 2015: Ali Bacher's new book celebrates the country's finest batsmen, including forgotten heroes lost to apartheid

Firdose Moonda

'We went around the country and said Barry Richards is easy'

Sep 14, 2015: At the launch of his new book on South African batsmen, Ali Bacher paid tribute to one of the best

Firdose Moonda

Clive Rice 1949-2015

The indomitable spirit of Clive Rice

Jul 28, 2015: He wanted to play against the best and show that he was among the best, as his admirers testify

Firdose Moonda

Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

You just couldn't say no

Apr 21, 2014: Dr. Ali Bacher says that Nelson Mandela was an extraordinary person - in his capacity to forgive, not forget

Ali Bacher

South Africa's invincibles

Jan 30, 2014: The last time South Africa beat Australia at home was nearly 44 years ago. Four protagonists from the series remember those heady days

Firdose Moonda

Madiba and the godfather

Dec 16, 2013: With the help of Nelson Mandela, Ali Bacher took cricket into the black townships of South Africa in the 1980s

Ashley Mallett

South Africa news

'Mandela created a future for SA cricket'

Dec 6, 2013: Till 1992 there was no thought about South Africa playing in the World Cup, but Mandela's words changed that immediately. Such was the power of Mandela

Ali Bacher

Jacques Kallis and 12 other Great South African All-rounders

Celebrating South Africa's two-in-ones

Sep 10, 2013: A new book looks at a baker's dozen of the country's finest allrounders

Firdose Moonda

South Africa news

SA has produced the best allrounders - Bacher

Sep 10, 2013: South Africa is home to more world-class allrounders than any other nation, according to former Test captain and administrator Ali Bacher

Firdose Moonda


When Lara led a players' strike

Feb 23, 2013: West Indies cricket hit a new low in November 1998 when the captain and his squad refused to travel to South Africa

Martin Williamson


South Africa return the favour

Jan 1, 2011: When the time came for South Africa to host their first international series after readmission, it was only natural they pick India

Siddhartha Talya

South Africa greats hail triumph in Australia

'Absolutely incredible'

Dec 30, 2008: South Africa greats hail triumph in Australia

Nagraj Gollapudi

South Africa in Australia 2008-09

End is near for racial quotas - Bacher

Dec 13, 2008: Ali Bacher has said South Africa are almost at the "end of the road" of its racial transformation policy that was introduced in the 1990s

ESPNcricinfo staff

Should Zimbabwe be banned from international cricket?

No half-measures

Jul 4, 2008: It's the thorniest issue of recent times: should Zimbabwe be allowed to continue as a Full Member of the ICC? We asked three notable voices

Basil D'Oliveira

Dolly mixture

Jun 26, 2008: Forty summers ago a Cape Coloured South African playing for England unwittingly threw MCC into crisis over a tour to the apartheid republic

Rob Steen

Pressure mounts before semi-final

Mind games carry weight of history

Apr 23, 2007: The lead-up to the South Africa-Australia semi-final

ESPNcricinfo staff
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