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Imran's tigers: The story of Pakistan's 1992 triumph

Mar 25, 2017: It's 25 years since Imran Khan lifted the World Cup in Melbourne. Here's a quick recap of the successful campaign down under

Illustration by Girish TS

Way Back When

Ballarat, Berri, Botham

Mar 23, 2015: Twenty-three years on, the novelty of the 1992 World Cup still lives in the memory

Steven Lynch

Let's recapture the spirit of '92

Feb 10, 2015: One-day cricket was at its freshest and most unpredictable 23 years ago

Martin Crowe

Of ghosting Imran and other tales

Jan 21, 2015: Being at the 1987 and 1992 World Cups - one as a journalist, another as a member of the BCCI - was a study in contrasts

Amrit Mathur

'The 1992 World Cup defined my cricket'

Jan 16, 2015: Shahid Afridi on the lessons Pakistan's victorious campaign taught him about life, and how Imran Khan's attitude moulded him as a captain


Crowe's fatal gamble

Jan 15, 2015: New Zealand's captain had to decide whether to rest in the 1992 semi-final against Pakistan or risk aggravating his injury. He chose to sit out, and watched in agony as it all went to pieces

Nagraj Gollapudi

Australia then and now

Jan 11, 2015: Between the 1992 and 2015 World Cups, the sociopolitical face of the country- continent has changed dramatically, increasingly turning towards Asia

Malcolm Knox

World Cup No. 5: the big story

'We left knowing that we put South Africa on the map'

Dec 30, 2014: South Africa hadn't expected to be invited to the 1992 World Cup, and when they were, they did not think they would make it to the semis

Firdose Moonda

Men of the Finals

'Forget about no-balls. Just bowl fast'

Dec 17, 2014: When Wasim Akram swung Pakistan to their first global title

My First World Cup

'Politicians wanted to come into the dressing room'

Dec 16, 2014: Gavin Larsen recalls the time the New Zealand side were the toast of the nation, in 1992

My First World Cup

'We weren't prepared for a heroes' welcome'

Dec 7, 2014: Peter Kirsten remembers a tournament in which newcomers South Africa surprised themselves by making the final four

The wow and the sheesh

Nov 24, 2014: Coloured clothes, black sightscreens, two white balls: the game of cricket looked so different in 1992. But writing about it now seems more fun than watching it then

Christian Ryan

Endless summer

Nov 13, 2014: India's 1991-92 tour of Australia spanned four months, but for the youngsters, the thrill of touring and being seen on TV kept homesickness at bay

Sanjay Manjrekar

Fringe Benefits: John Traicos

Zimbabwe's understated supporting actor

Nov 11, 2014: Journeyman John Traicos played effective roles in the country's memorable World Cup wins in 1983 and 1992

Mohammad Isam


Colourful cricket, and that rain rule

Nov 1, 2014: The first World Cup to feature coloured clothing, floodlights, white balls and fielding restrictions


The Scarlet Speedster

Oct 30, 2014: The 1992 run-out that changed notions of what was possible in fielding, and made a poster boy of a young South African

Vishal Dikshit


Brandes embarrasses England

Oct 30, 2014: Against Zimbabwe in 1992, England were done in by a weapon they possessed themselves - fast bowling

Vishal Dikshit


Crowe knocks out the defending champions

Oct 30, 2014: New Zealand's captain brought out his A game against the old enemy in the opening match of the 1992 World Cup

Vishal Dikshit


Akram gets into the swing of things

Oct 30, 2014: Wasim Akram's performance in the 1992 final is all the more astonishing when viewed in the light of the circumstances

Vishal Dikshit


Inzamam chooses the big stage

Oct 30, 2014: Fresh on cricket's biggest platform, he turned it on, and how

Vishal Dikshit
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