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The NatWest Series, 2000: Final

England v Zimbabwe 2000

2001: At Lord's, July 22

Final, England v Zimbabwe, Statistical Highlights

Jul 24, 2000: It was the 1619th ODI in cricket history

Rajneesh Gupta

Stewart dominates Zimbabwe bowling

Jul 22, 2000: Alec Stewart - Man of the Match Man of the Series Man of the Summer

Andy Jalil

England - handsome victory

Jul 22, 2000: For the first time since 1998 in Sharjah, England have won a one-day tournament

Ralph Dellor

Stewart presses towards century as England cruise towards target

Jul 22, 2000: After 30 over of their innings, England appeared to be cruising to victory over Zimbabwe in the NatWest Series final

John Ward

Zimbabwe struggle to set England a challenging target

Jul 22, 2000: Lord's, lunchtime: Zimbabwe 169 for seven; England to bat

John Ward

Zimbabwe resistance flowers at Lord's

Jul 22, 2000: After 15 overs of the NatWest Series final at Lord's the match appeared to be decided

John Ward

First hour likely to be crucial in NatWest Series Final

Jul 22, 2000: The unexpectedly cloudy weather at the start of the Lord's Test made it a good toss to win and, in line with the tendency of history to favour the big battalions, Nasser Hussain won it for England

John Ward
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