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No. 10

The googly

Feb 27, 2010: The delivery synonymous with subcontinental wizardry was invented by an Englishman; and the most famous of those was also bowled by one

Rob Smyth


Bosie, Bannerman and a boycott

Dec 11, 2004: For many cricketers across the world, the idea of ending their lives doing what they love - playing cricket - has a certain romantic appeal

Martin Williamson and Lynn McConnell

A half-century for Trent Bridge

Aug 14, 2003: Today's match brings up the half-century of Test matches at Trent Bridge

by Steven Lynch

Sims put his side of 'Bosanquet incident' in autobiography

Aug 8, 2002: More news on the Bosanquet incident at Lancaster Park during the Canterbury-MCC game of 1903 has emerged

Lynn McConnell

A case of sledging and abuse of an umpire lost in antiquity

Jul 5, 2002: Critics of modern behaviour in cricket would have you believe that standards have seriously declined with the advent of sledging and abuse which has reached the point that match referees and two neutral umpires are required to stand between two

Lynn McConnell

Bernard Bosanquet



Bernard Bosanquet

1905: BERNARD JAMES TINDAL BOSANQUET.-There are few more interesting figures in the cricket field to-day than the man whose bowling won the fourth Test Match, and with it the rubber for the M.C.C.'s team in Australia

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