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'Anything less than three Tests against SA a tragedy'

ESPNcricinfo editor Sambit Bal talks to Arya Yuyutsu about the surprising home series against West Indies thrown in by the BCCI and possible repercussions on India's tour of South Africa

Producer: Arya Yuyutsu

September 2, 2013

Posted by crick_sucks on (September 5, 2013, 3:28 GMT)

@IPSY, you are a genius. How did you figure this out?

Posted by crick_sucks on (September 5, 2013, 3:25 GMT)

Bal, if anything less than 3 tests is a tragedy what was the 4 tests against ENG and AUS overseas? a comedy?

Posted by Lodhisingh on (September 5, 2013, 3:16 GMT)

@alarky dravid had a period for 25 matches in 2007-2008 when he averaged 33. still was in the team. talk of audacity and unfair advantage. wont even bother to talk about mark waugh and ian bell who are at best average players as their consistency and average suggests. and it is hilarious that u think becos u wrote something, it would make it true and the real world is reflected by people who are in agreement with u in this section. i dont know wat u wrote but i can assume it is a piece of non-sense. a mere look at the year wise stats for sachin's career shows you how consistent he was with high performance which absolutely peaked between 2006-2010/2011 season till the world cup. so watever u wrote 'over the years' except for the last 2 is absolute crap.

Posted by IndCricFan2013 on (September 4, 2013, 17:32 GMT)

Let us not go by history. How about fresh thinking. I would like India to play 2 tests against PAK, SL, AUS, SA, ENG, WI, NZ, BA/ZW every 2 years. Bangaldesh and Zim 2 tests in 4 years (alternate 2 years). That is 16 tests in 2 years. Travel 4 countries in a year and next 4 countries next year. 8 tests per year, if you play like sachin for 25 years, then you can still play 200 tests. or in 12 to 13 years only possible in these days you could get to 100 tests. So, regardless of politics, I am OK to play 2 test series. 8 tests in a year would be 40 days, about 12 ODIs ( 3 ODI per country) and 12 T20I, ( 3 T20I per country), would give about 64 cricketing days for bilateral series. that would be like 4 to 5 month duration of cricket. add to that IPL, other cups, etc. cricket can still sustain in terms of fan viwer ship.

Posted by alarky on (September 4, 2013, 14:05 GMT)

Cont'd: I think SRT lacks vision for young Indian cricketers, because he's now playing in his third consecutive year out of form; still holding up the position of one of these talented Indian batsmen, who've proven over and again, in the last three years, that they're better than him! He gave a speech recently, advising to, "put temperament above stats"! I nicknamed him the 'wise man of international cricket'; because he does not practice what he preaches! The world knows that "Tendulkar's cricket is all about stats"! It is the exact reason why BCCI is cooking up yet another bizarre test series with a so called bottom tier team for him! However, the main issue with which the world is in agreement with me, is the fact that he's no better batsman than a Dravid, or a Mark Waugh, or an Ian Bell - that group of players, but his record is only looks better than their because of the unfair advantage that has been given to him, which no really great player would ever have the audacity to take!

Posted by alarky on (September 4, 2013, 14:01 GMT)

Sachin_The_Greatest, you're so right! "The Gt Batsman" has not one thing to prove to me or other viewers. We've seen it all already; and what we see is what I've been writing over the years. And notice, that 99.9% of viewers are always in agreement with what I write: It's about the bizarre selection policy that Cricket India has adopted for just one man; who is guaranteed to just go out and play; not to worry; he can't be dropped - even though he's out of form for 2 and 3 consecutive years, and averaging in the 20s, and can't score a single 100"! But soon as a younger player who is just as good plays 2 bad inngs, he's dropped! Please notice that I don't ever peddle any propaganda about SRT's career. I supply absolute facts, which surprise even you when you research them! My beef with SRT has to do with his arrant selfishness; and lack of vision for the youths, who're also aspiring to eke out an international career for themselves and their country; but being prevented by him! Cont'd:

Posted by purohit1987 on (September 4, 2013, 12:38 GMT)

@Bang_La, yes if it requires we can do that, make a note that it's INDIA/BCCI, we can do any modification in cricket. It is a FACT! i know I will get lot of replies on this but you can't change the fact.

Posted by Bang_La on (September 4, 2013, 10:19 GMT)

@Nampally, so we should have a two-tier system in tests only for India's sake!!! So fair!

Posted by Batmanian on (September 3, 2013, 17:53 GMT)

Damn right. What do we play cricket for? We have the two best Test countries in the world, and they're playing two Tests?! How about six?

Posted by Nampally on (September 3, 2013, 16:09 GMT)

There is now WI tour of India in November involving 2 Tests + 3 ODI's. Then India visit SA in December for 3 Tests + 5 ODI's + India visits NZ to play 5 ODI's + 2 Tests, starting on January 19, 2014. Then India visit England to Play 5 Tests + 5 ODI's starting June 2014. In between the NZ & England Tours, there is 3 months of IPL. So between November 2013 & Sept. 2014, there are a total of 12 Tests matches + 18 ODI's, with 4 different series- 3 of them abroad. Premature retirement of the Indian Cricketers due to injuries + Fatigue is likely result. When a Cricketer is constantly on the field or travelling, the intensity level is very low & most likely poor results in Tests & ODI's. Hence India needs 2 Tier system with 2 Teams- One playing against WI & NZ (A Team) & the other(Team India) playing against England & SA. This is the only way to retain the sanity & intensity of all the Cricketers while producing decent performance. It also produces the platform for developing NEW Talent.

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