England Domestic Season, Sheffield v Manchester at Sheffield, Jun 29-30, 1846
Manchester won by an innings and 37 runs
29,30 June 1846 (3-day match)
  Sheffield 1st innings R
J Bentley b Hunt 0
B Huntsman b Womack 0
B Wake b Womack 0
G Coates not out 11
H Sampson run out 9
P Smith b Girling 22
RF Skelton c RT Bellhouse b Girling 0
MJ Ellison b Girling 2
H Hurt lbw b Girling 0
C Smith b Girling 0
C Clarke run out 0
Extras (b 8, w 8) 16
  Total (all out) 60
  Bowling W
  T Hunt 1
  J Womack 2
  A Girling 5
  Manchester 1st innings R
RT Bellhouse b Sampson 9
A Girling c Bentley b Skelton 10
T Hunt c Clarke b Skelton 48
S Baldwinson c Skelton b Bentley 73
EC Pagden b Skelton 11
J Womack st †Hurt b Bentley 6
E Wright b Skelton 0
H Cooke b Skelton 0
J Martin b Skelton 11
John Sherman not out 6
TT Bellhouse b Skelton 1
Extras (b 11, w 24) 35
  Total (all out) 210

Fall of wickets Unknown

  Bowling W
  H Sampson 1
  RF Skelton 7
  J Bentley 2
  Sheffield 2nd innings R
G Coates c Baldwinson b Womack 19
H Hurt c & b Girling 7
B Huntsman b Girling 0
J Bentley b Womack 5
P Smith b Sherman 40
H Sampson c & b Womack 1
RF Skelton c Hunt b Girling 11
MJ Ellison c sub (G Chatterton) b Sherman 0
B Wake b Sherman 12
C Smith b Sherman 0
C Clarke not out 0
Extras (b 15, w 3) 18
  Total (all out) 113
  Bowling W
  J Womack 3
  A Girling 3
  John Sherman 4

Match details

Balls per over 4
Toss - Sheffield, who chose to bat
First-class debuts - RT Bellhouse, TT Bellhouse, J Martin and EC Pagden (Manchester); J Bentley, C Clarke, MJ Ellison, B Huntsman, H Hurt, RF Skelton, C Smith, P Smith and B Wake (Sheffield)
Umpires - Unknown
Close of play
  • Mon, 29 Jun - day 1 - Manchester 1st innings 188/7 (T Hunt ?*, J Martin ?*)
  • Tue, 30 Jun - day 2 - Sheffield 2nd innings 113 - end of match

Match Notes

    • Sheffield Captain not named
    • Manchester Captain not named
    • Manchester Wicket-keeper not named
    • Manchester 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Sheffield 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Manchester 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Sheffield 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
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