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MS DHONI is India's greatest cricketer of all time. by this im not saying he is a greater batman than sachin but he is a much bigger match winner and has a much greater temperament. End of the day this is a team game and individual performance means nothing for country. i think kapil dev is India's second greatest cricketer for the same reason. at the same time, Dhoni need to do a bit more in test, i think he hasnt fallen in love with test yet. which is sad :(

Posted by ram99997 on (July 20, 2013, 11:56 GMT)

If selection of any type of cricket i mainly prefer dhoni as captain and wicket keeper and 6'th down batsman he has the greatest batsman i ever see at that place hats of you dhoni and i proud to be dhoni's fan

Posted by alarky on (July 18, 2013, 15:31 GMT)

Continued: It is expected that a player with the kind of rating that is being given to him, having played so many more matches and innings than anybody else shoul have already used the match time given to him to score a 250 in at least one first class match in his overly long career! And if he was unable to do so against even Bangladesh and Zimbabwe on whose bowling he preyed so much, it is quite clear to all and sundry that HE DOES NOT HAVE THE TEMPERAMENT TO DO SO! And this is one of the chief ingredients a batsman needs to be in my All Time 11 - it is an ingredient necessary to bat for very very long periods, if the match is a TIMELESS MATCH.

Posted by alarky on (July 18, 2013, 15:20 GMT)

Yatin Chawla, Please read before you write! Gary Sobers' ave is 4 points more than SRT's and Jack Hobbs' is 3 points more. SRT'S ave is only1 or2 points more than the other 3 batsmen, all of which may be considered par averages. However, I didn't pick players based on better ave; or, modern day guys: Kallis and Sangakkara, and many former players: Weeks, Hutton, Barrington, G. Chappell and lots more would be picked long before SRT. He cannot make my test match All Time 11 because, his only 2 test match records of most runs and 100s were achieved because he was given an unfair advantage to get them, not given to any player in my11. He was allowed to get them even though he used to be out of form for very long periods. Hence, the closest player in my 11, in terms of matches played is Lara, but SRT has already batted in nearly 100 (95) innings more than Lara, with average returns! Note also: Each of my first 6 batters scored a 300 sometime in their careers. SRT can't score a 250 to date!

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Individually, every chess piece is a potential threat.. Even a Pawn can take down the King.. But the effectiveness comes in when they are placed in the right places. The chess pieces are Team India and the player is MSD

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Someone pl tell me how many gods are there in Indian cricket. every person who starts performing is reckoned to as god. my request pl don't take your gods that lightly. there are so many great captains. who were match winners for their teams. Ponting, Sobers, Imran Khan, You indians need to cool down pl.

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people are forgetting his personal best when it comes to non-subcontient team and non sub ground. his numbers are way short. bcci is making sure team India plays lot of games on sub continent grounds. he is aging now, so less agile on fast international pitches with genuine pacers. not just MS applies to all. rains, koli etc. lucky that no McGrath, no wasim, vaas etc to screw them. only steyn, and mostly avoiding him.

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to alarky: you just missed the best batsman ever to play the game of ckt .....he had hghst avg.after dom bradman in ur list ...51.test 100... best avg nd most destructive agnst the bowlng line up

Posted by Naresh28 on (July 16, 2013, 6:40 GMT)

THERE is NO DOUBT that when it comes to T20 and ODI Dhoni captains the ship well. There is no better than him. He has become the owner of it. However when it comes to TEST cricket - no. Ganguly was better with his better resources. I do see changes coming in test cricket with a young fielding unit however the batsman need to work on durability(only Pujara standsout) Amongst all this we must not forget the cricket coach - he is ex-zimbabwe and was a batting legend.

Posted by alarky on (July 15, 2013, 13:16 GMT)

Simply put: "MS Dhoni is India's greatest cricketer of All Time, the best captain in the world and the most consistent individual performer (where winning is concerned), I've seen in cricket for a very long time"! For me, he needs to do just a little bit more of what he does in ODIs in test cricket also, then I'll take away the gloves from Adam Gilchrist in my Test Match 11 of All Time and not only give it to him, but he would also be the captain of my All Time 11! Hence, my All Time 11 will be" MS Dhoni, Captain, Sunil Gavascar, Jack Hobbs, Don Bradman, Brian Lara, Vivian Richards, Gary Sobers, Wazim Akram, Malcolm Marshall, Dennis Lilee and Muthiah Muralitheran. Apart from a test average of 50 (+), every one of my batsmen had to score at minimum of 250 runs in a single innings in at least one first class match - a test match is even better! Each bowler must take at least 300 wickets in tests.

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