Decade Review 2009
Mitchell Starc's 6 for 28 turned an easy New Zealand chase into a nightmare before their eventual one-wicket win in Auckland
Mitchell Starc's 6 for 28 turned an easy New Zealand chase into a nightmare before their eventual one-wicket win in Auckland © Getty Images


    'Australia should win, but they have home pressure'

Couch Talk: Nathan Bracken backs his side to win the World Cup, looks back at 2007, and at the premature end to his career

    Inside the WACA scoreboard

It might be cramped, it might get hot in it, but it's part of the legend of the storied old ground. By Abhishek Purohit

    Ashes and dust, dross and gold

Whitewash to Whitewash is an inside look at the ups and down of Australian cricket between 2006 and 2014

'An amenities block converted into a museum for the boy from Bowral'

Melinda Farrell and George Dobell visit the Bradman museum and tour the International Cricket Hall of Fame

    The silver bullet

A pub brawl, a sacked coach and his anti-establishment replacement - the months leading up to Australia's 5-0 win, as chronicled in Daniel Brettig's Whitewash to Whitewash

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After dismissing the value of coaches, Shane Warne goes after gyms


Who is the BBL aimed at?

Michael Jeh: There's nothing wrong with the quality of the cricket on offer, but the bells and whistles surrounding it are intrusive and overwhelming

What do we talk about when we talk about aggression?

Alex Bowden: Why do people think players who get up in the opposition's faces also have aggressive approaches in their cricket?

Switching from pace to legspin

In which Nicholas Hogg, compelled by the depredations of age, attempts a change in cricket speciality

A glimpse at life inside the WACA scoreboard
© ESPNcricinfo Ltd
Brad Haddin top-scored with 43 off 41 balls
Glenn Maxwell exults after removing Corey Anderson for 26
© Associated Press
Mitchell Starc swung Australia back into the game
© Getty Images
Mitchell Starc roars after taking a wicket
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Mitchell Starc is flanked by Aaron Finch and Glenn Maxwell after striking twice in two balls
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  • Ponting voted Player of the Decade
  • Australian captain beats Jacques Kallis to be voted cricketer of the 2000s
  • 'This one's extra satisfying' - Ponting
  • Cricinfo's Player of the Decade title is "a great honour and a great thrill" for Australia's captain
  • Laughing boy
  • Like Bradman before him, Ponting turned the opposition into ball-ferriers, delighting in his mastery all the while
  • Gilly and Baz go bonkers
  • Flintoff's Edgbaston magic, a Tendulkar gem, that 434 chase, and the IPL's fiery start feature in the second part of our performances of the decade
  • Ricky rampages, Shoaib sizzles
  • One of the greatest Tests of the decade, four World Cup performances, a seven-for, and a blazing double feature in the first part of our performances of the decade
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