England v India, 1st ODI, Chester-le-Street September 3, 2011

Dhoni questions DRS handling

ESPNcricinfo staff

India's captain, MS Dhoni, has once again voiced his displeasure at the handling of the Decision Review System, after Rahul Dravid fell victim to his third controversial dismissal of the summer.

Dravid, who was playing in his first ODI for two years, made 2 from six balls but had initially been given not out by umpire Billy Doctrove, after Stuart Broad and Craig Kieswetter appealed in unison for a faint edge to the keeper.

Broad was so sure of the edge he immediately signalled for a review before consulting his captain, Alastair Cook. However, the evidence reviewed by Marais Erasmus, the third umpire, appeared inconclusive. Neither of the two Hot Spot cameras picked up any edge, and there was no clear deviation on the slow-motion replay.

However, after a brief consultation with Erasmus, Doctrove decided to reverse his decision, to the clear surprise of Dravid. A few minutes later, Snickometer suggested that there had been some noise as ball passed bat, although under the current provisions of the DRS, that evidence is not meant to be taken into account.

Dhoni has expressed his reservations about the DRS in the past, not least during the last ODI between England and India at Bangalore in the World Cup, when Ian Bell was reprieved by Billy Bowden after advancing more than 2.5 metres down the wicket during a referred lbw appeal. On this occasion, however, he seemed genuinely baffled about the inner workings of the system.

"I still exactly don't know how he was given out," said Dhoni. "Whether they used Snickometer, whether Snickometer is allowed to be used, whether the audio technician gave him out, whether the third umpire gave him out. So it is quite complex. There is a fair amount of questions when it comes to the DRS and if there is still some doubt, why shouldn't go to the batsman."

As for Dravid, his latest extraction followed two eyebrow-raising dismissals in the final two Tests at Edgbaston, where he was caught behind off his shoe lace, and at The Oval, where he was given out caught at bat-pad off Graeme Swann despite a lack of clear evidence. On that occasion, he defused the subsequent row by admitting he had got a thin inside-edge, but this time, he was not so conciliatory.

"He said he had not edged it," Dhoni said. "There was no mark when it comes to Hot Spot. There was no visual deflection as such. And the umpire had given not out. I thought the benefit of doubt goes to the batsman. That is a big thing."

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  • Dummy4 on September 6, 2011, 10:12 GMT

    Doesn't English called gentleman? Can't they recall Dravid as Dhoni did for Ian Bell? Is Indian team the only team with such fair play?

  • sam on September 6, 2011, 8:50 GMT

    Sack DRS.. Save Cricket!!! ENGLAND is so keen on DRS cos its the only way they can get DRAVID out !

  • sahil on September 6, 2011, 7:26 GMT

    Another example what technology can do but human beings can`t..... English team requires technology 2 get dravid out for d third tym......

  • Srinivas on September 6, 2011, 4:29 GMT

    @davidpk, I agree with what you are saying. That's one decision. Isn't it? And it changed the score line of the series. Here we are talking of multiple decisions going repeatedly against the same batsman in top form and his team; but batsman (KP) from the other team, rightfully, getting the benefit of doubt. This doesn't look benign to me. The score line of this series would have been different too. England might have won the series in the end but the score line would be much more respectable for India. The crucial umpiring howlers have taken the sheen off a tremendous performance by the English. This is probably the first time when there is such solidarity between the media, commentators, the public and finally the umpires as well to see to it that India gets beaten real bad. These howlers just don't seem accidental to me.

  • Dummy4 on September 5, 2011, 21:31 GMT

    england r the biggest crybabies i have seen...they will question everything but are not ready when the shoe is on the other foot...to me Aussies are still #1 in any format....Dravid u r truly the gentleman of the game....wiish we had more cricketers like him...hats off to .....u make me love the game for all it's shortcoming..........cheers!!

  • Dummy4 on September 5, 2011, 16:25 GMT

    DRS turning to be DRAVID REMOVAL SYSTEM!

  • Ashok on September 5, 2011, 16:02 GMT

    So much has been credited to the DRS & there are a lot of supporters in these columns. But how does it work? I thought if the DRS is inconclusive, the batsman gets the benifit of doubt and is declared NOT OUT. But Does Umpire has the right to over turn the DRS? If he has, why do we have DRS at all?. It is ironic that the same batsman who happens to be the best scorer in the Cricket today falls a victim three times to the so called DRS which is supposed to get the right decision.In the latest ODI decision, Umpire had given Dravid NOT Out to start with. DRS did not say he was OUT. Why did Umpire reverse his decision? Giving him out caught behnid of shoe laces is attrocious. Bat/Pad when it is only pad is also poor.However in all cases DRS did not give the batsman OUT. It was the Umpire who over ruled the DRS or reversed his call based on inconclusive DRS. Is it Dravid who is unacceptable to Umpires or England selling their case by their vociferous& constant appeals at every opportunity?

  • ashok on September 5, 2011, 14:35 GMT

    had it been against England, then Cook Bell and Broad would have called the technology naive and would have stopped using it from the 2nd ODI. anyways england would have lost if there were no Rain. India and England are the same, Lions inside the country but lambs outside...

  • Dummy4 on September 5, 2011, 14:24 GMT

    they also do this if it will be PAKSITAN instead of INDIA it could have been ok?

  • david on September 5, 2011, 11:35 GMT

    in the last series in SA v eng smith was given not out when if memory serve me on 5 and went on to score 100. they went on to beat england and level the series. a certain 3rd umpire no names. could not see a deviation or heard a noise.the host nations TV broadcaster heard on their mikes a sound and it as shown 10 mins late. low and behold the stump mike that the same no names had not even got it switched on in the 3rd umpires room. as england were beaten by an innings it conjecture but you never know. but on saying that be it the standing umpires or them with the DRS. they can not always get it right. just accept it. i can see the DRS in the long run giving a higher proportion of right decsions right. dpk

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