New Zealand in England 2013 May 10, 2013

'We are a far better team when Ross Taylor is performing' - Hesson

Mike Hesson, the New Zealand coach, believes that the Ross Taylor captaincy controversy has helped him become a "better" coach.

Hesson, who replaced John Wright as New Zealand head coach last July, was a key figure in pressing for a change of captaincy from Taylor to Brendon McCullum. Consequently Taylor opted out of the South African tour before returning for the home series against England in February.

"I learned a lot during the whole experience and it might make me a better coach," Hesson told ESPNcricnfo in Leicester as New Zealand continued their preparations for the return series.

Speaking on a wide range of issues in an extensive interview, Hesson spoke about his coaching philosophy, the challenges of managing players, the mistakes committed on the road, as well as giving an insight into the game plans that worked in the drawn Test series against England.

Asked specifically whether the way Taylor was removed as captain was a mistake, Hesson said: "Whenever you make a decision like changing a captain it is difficult decision to make. All I want to say is at no stage during that process you want to upset anybody or put someone in a difficult situation. That obviously occurred, which was unfortunate."

It was an emotionally difficult moment for everyone involved, Hesson said. It has been six months since the incident and according to Hesson the relationship with Taylor, the best batsman in the New Zealand squad, is on the mend.

"We certainly are developing our relationship nicely. The circumstances have been well documented. We have been working well together."

Hesson pointed out that Taylor's success as a batsman was very important to New Zealand because that would help the inexperienced youngsters to play their own game with more freedom.

"Ross is a huge part of our group," Hesson said. "He is our premier batsman and he has performed very well in England in the past. We are a far better team when Ross Taylor is in the team and performing well. It is great to have him back.

"It is important for Ross to impose himself. He is quite an imposing batsman. Once he has got that level of confidence he is actually quite hard to bowl to. So it is matter of getting the confidence, getting that imposing nature at the crease. And also he works with some of younger batsmen as well. So the more comfortable he can feel about his own game the more comfortable he will feel helping others."

Nagraj Gollapudi is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo