North Bank
Thomas Lord
Marylebone Cricket Club
14:09, Sun Jul 21, 2019 (UTC +0100)


In 1808 Thomas Lord took out a lease on two fields known as The Brick Field and Great Field about one third of a mile north of his first ground at Dorset Square, but he did not move there until 1811 as he had two years of his existing lease to run. In 1809 and 1810 it was used by St John's Wood CC but in the winter of 1810-11 he moved the turf from Dorset Square and laid it at the new venue. But the site was far from popular and MCC did not play there for two years and only had three games in 1813. That year an act of parliament was passed to enable the construction of the Regent's Canal, which passed through the site. That was no bad thing for Lord, and he purchased the current ground from the Eyre family who had leased him the second venue.
Martin Williamson

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