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Cricket has been played, it is said, at Winchester College (founded in 1382), since the seventeenth century, although the evidence for this is rather sketchy. The present ground, New or Ridding Field, dates from 1869 when Dr.Ridding headmaster from 1867 to 1884, and known as the College's second founder, bought and gave to the College the land south of "meads" which was the original cricket field where cricket and Winchester football are still played.

Until 1888 the pitch lay east-west. Now it runs north-south. Since 1870 Winchester have played Eton and other schools (including Harrow since 1916) and many famous clubs. Among those who have played here for Winchester College are A.J.Evans, John Shuter, J.R.Mason, the Ashton brothers, Douglas Jardine, H.A.Pawson and the Nawab of Pataudi. The Old Wykehamist CC uses the ground in the holidays.

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