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England's one-off Test ground

Jun 18, 2011: While another Test ground makes its debut, the salutary example of Bramall Lane, England's forgotten Test venue, should not be overlooked

Martin Williamson


The crowd without the silver lining

Jun 27, 2009: It had rained, the conditions were not suitable, but these spectators wanted their monies' worth and just wouldn't go home

Martin Williamson

Archie MacLaren

The Majestic MacLaren that wasn't

Jul 18, 2006: Gideon Haigh looks at the creation of a majestic cricketer in Archie MacLaren by writer Neville Cardus

Gideon Haigh

Cricinfo XI

A question of degree

May 30, 2006: Throughout the game's history - from the days of round-arm to the modern era of 15-degree flexibility - bowling actions have stirred passionate debate and caused trouble for those accused of having suspect styles. This week we look at some of those who ha

Martin Williamson

June 2004

Charles Fry - Up with the Gods

May 28, 2004: By his early 20s he was known as Almighty and held the world long jump record but, as Iain Wilton tells, his distinguished life was not all roses

Sussex County Cricket Club

The end of the hundred-year wait

Sep 18, 2003: One of the biggest holes in cricket history has just been filled

Wisden Comment by Steven Lynch

Wonderful Wes

Sep 12, 2003: 1937 The first of West Indies' great postwar fast bowlers was born

Wisden CricInfo staff

New light shed on CB Fry: A brilliant cricketer, a memorable character

Sep 20, 1999: Charles Burgess Fry was an extraordinary Englishman

David Robson


CB Fry

1895: MR

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