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Ed Kemp

Alan Mullally is bowled by Damien Fleming for a duck

Games within a game?

Farcical bowling, the helmet fielder, chess interruptions, batting for pints - ten instances of when matches weren't cricket

Derek Pringle

Bob Barber bats

Bob Barber: The Professional Amateur

Bob Barber, the one-innings wonder

Colin Shindler's book is a warm portrait of a player who faced his fair share of confusion on and off the field in an era of great social change in Britain

Cricinfo staff

Bob Barber bats

November 2005

Down but not out at seventy

Bob Barber celebrated his threescore and ten with a match at Broadhalfpenny Down between friends and playing contemporaries.

Denis Silk

March 1960

MCC in Canada 1959

The satisfactory record of the 1959 M.C.C

Wisden CricInfo staff

An Aussie to the core

1943 Where to start with Ian Chappell , who was born in Adelaide 59 years ago today


Bob Barber

Lancashire coaches are not given to overstatement