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They are called the Tigers, which is a tough animal; you mess around with a tiger it kills you. We have to respect the Tigers, especially in their own forest.

​Zimbabwe coach Stephen Mangongo isn't going to be taking Bangladesh lightly

Oct 21, 2014 Tweet | Share

At least when Zimbabwe beat us in '83 we were drinking cans the night before. And lots of them.

Former Australia fast bowler Rodney Hogg tweets after Australia's loss to Zimbabwe, and explains what may have gone wrong 31 years ago

Sep 1, 2014 Tweet | Share

Come out now my son! Nearly 11hours and still nothing! Gotta test match to play tomorrow.

Brendan Taylor anxiously awaits the birth of his son

Sep 2, 2013 Tweet | Share

There's no way that I should have played Test cricket or one-day cricket or any sort of cricket, let alone be picked for any side.

Former Zimbabwe spinner Ray Price, who just announced his retirement, didn't have a high opinion of his skills

Aug 4, 2013 Tweet | Share

Now I know what it means when they say you smell like a brewery.

A champagne-soaked Zimbabwe coach Alan Butcher enjoys the revelry following his team's win in their return Test

Aug 11, 2011 Tweet | Share

Zimbabweans pride themselves on being hospitable. So even in this match, we keep throwing them a lifeline

Alan Butcher, the Zimbabwe coach, reacts to Bangladesh's fightback on the third day in Harare

Aug 7, 2011 Tweet | Share

I haven't watched a Test in so long that I actually don't know if this is good or bad

Zimbabwe's media manager, Jeffrey Murimbechi, displays a wry wit when talking about his team's progress against Bangladesh

Aug 4, 2011 Tweet | Share

Zimbabwe Cricket has just painted a house that's about to fall.

Tatenda Taibu criticises the board for not repairing the state of the game in Zimbabwe

Aug 3, 2011 Tweet | Share

It's easier to play cricket than clean toilets.

Ray Price prefers turning his arm over for Zimbabwe, to what he used to do before becoming an international cricketer

Feb 13, 2011 Tweet | Share

A better ground for soccer? You might get football matches called off here.

Zimbabwe coach Alan Butcher on the soggy condition of the ground in Chittagong

Dec 11, 2010 Tweet | Share

I know some nations are worried about there not being any food to eat, but there is plenty

Alan Butcher, Zimbabwe's coach, feels the country is ready to host major opposition

May 3, 2010 Tweet | Share

I just kept my eyes on the ball and flew.

Bangladesh's Nazmul Hossain explains how he pulled off a blinder at point to dismiss Malcolm Waller in the fourth ODI

Nov 4, 2009 Tweet | Share

I think we are a more disciplined side

ZImbabwe captain Prosper Utseya provides a damning indictment of Bangladesh after the first ODI, in Mirpur

Jan 19, 2009 Tweet | Share

Bangladesh and Zimbabwe would battle to beat my local ski-boat club on a bad day. To hear players and coaches stating how well they played against these palookas is really pathetic.

Former South Africa international Pat Symcox pulls no punches

Dec 8, 2008 Tweet | Share

I don't think he understood me, and I certainly didn't understand him.

Murray Goodwin explains there were some communication issues with Mohammad Sami during their match-winning stand in the Pro40

Sep 14, 2008 Tweet | Share

Zimbabwe has agreed not to participate [in the ICC World Twenty20] in the wider interest of cricket ... we voluntarily agreed to back out ... we don't want to gatecrash where we are not welcome."

If Zimbabwe Cricket chairman Peter Chingoka hopes that if you say something enough then people might start to believe it

Jul 4, 2008 Tweet | Share

We would also have serious concerns about Zimbabwe participating in the Twenty20 World Cup.

A spokesman for the prime minister, Gordon Brown, states the government's stance on Zimbabwe

Jun 24, 2008 Tweet | Share

It is almost as if he is saying 'Go to hell the English public. I will write a book one day and make a load of money.'

Geoff Boycott writing about Duncan Fletcher the day after England were eliminated from the World Cup in April. Fletcher's controversial book came out in early November

Nov 24, 2007 Tweet | Share

I am really pleased that people are writing interesting books rather than the soporific ghosted rubbish that generally appears in the bookstalls.

Jonathan Agnew on why he is not one of those angered by the content of Duncan Fletcher's new book

Nov 3, 2007 Tweet | Share

Flintoff was in such a state that he could not throw properly. He had to pass the ball to the bloke next to him to do so. And when it came to trying to catch the ball I honestly thought I was going to hurt him, so uncoordinated was he. I was fuming and stopped the practice early.

Duncan Fletcher reveals his anger with Andrew Flintoff, the then-England captain, over his conduct at a fielding practice during the 2006-07 Ashes

Oct 30, 2007 Tweet | Share

Pizza and fast food is not food, the proper food is at the hotel.

A Zimbabwe Cricket official angrily dismisses claims of food shortages during the recent series against South Africa, insisting that the visiting players should not have tried to find any food outside the team hotel

Aug 22, 2007 Tweet | Share

It was hugely frustrating to see Duncan pick loads of young bowlers, throw them in at the top level and then decide they needed to work on their run up or action.

Mark Ramprakash kicks off the "perhaps Fletcher wasn't all that great" backlash

Jun 24, 2007 Tweet | Share

This is a horrific regime in Zimbabwe and we should take a stand against it, and included amongst those who should take a stand are our cricketers .... [but] we can't, I suppose, formally ban them.

Australia's foreign minister Alexander Downer airs his views on the prospect of the country touring Zimbabwe

May 2, 2007 Tweet | Share

He would rather go to bed early and read a book on sports psychology.

Dave Houghton says that the ECB has no need to worry that their new assistant coach Andy Flower will go out drinking with the England team

May 2, 2007 Tweet | Share

I always read in the international press where they say I am under pressure ... but my contract doesn't say that I have to win matches, it says as long as I am competitive, then my employers are happy.

No wonder Zimbabwe coach Kevin Curran always looks so relaxed. Of their last 19 ODIs, his side have won once and tied once

Apr 5, 2007 Tweet | Share

A few months ago Duncan Fletcher said he knew 10 or the 11 for England's World Cup side ... now they can't even agree on who the best 30 are.

Michael Atherton reflects on the news England want to pick their final World Cup side from outside the original 30-man squad

Jan 10, 2007 Tweet | Share

From our point of view the people criticising now are the ones who run with the foxes and hunt with the hounds. All we can do is run with the fox.

Duncan Fletcher tries to explain the problems of selection after England's Ashes series loss

Dec 19, 2006 Tweet | Share

My main problem is Peter. When a fish dies it's the head that starts rotting.

Bruce Makovah, who was ousted as Zimbabwe's chief selector, with a parting shot at board boss Peter Chingoka

Sep 24, 2006 Tweet | Share

Even my father can play club cricket in England.

Zimbabwe coach Kevin Curran, who has slammed club cricket in England before, has another pop after saying that his charges do not benefit from playing in such matches. Curran's father is 78

Sep 3, 2006 Tweet | Share

You miss it. It's a bit like eating cod and then having to go back and eat sardines. Once you have tasted it, there is nothing like it.

Ray Price gets all fishy about wanting to return to international cricket for England

Jun 11, 2006 Tweet | Share

They should not be made to be playing at this level. It's unfair on them and it's unfair on international cricket, and the ICC has really got to examine itself very hard to see what it can do about it, because it's certainly not doing much for cricket."

Tony Cozier shoots from the hip when asked about ZImbabwe's performance in the Caribbean

May 20, 2006 Tweet | Share

A player hesitates over a decision on TV and gets fined, or has a bat logo too large and gets the same treatment. A whole nation's cricket fraternity is about to collapse, and because of some weird rule in the constitution, it cannot get involved.

Henry Olonga on the (in)action of the ICC over Zimbabwe's internal battle

Nov 24, 2005 Tweet | Share

Zimbabwe are better than you

A damning chant from the crowd at Bulawayo after India collapsed to 44 for 8 against New Zealand. They eventually lost by 51 runs

Aug 26, 2005 Tweet | Share

Just 500 metres from the ground people are being beaten to death and crippled while a game is going on. The ICC is disgusting in the way it has handled cricket issues in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe opposition MP Roy Bennett, himself arrested and beaten by the Mugabe regime, hits out

Aug 25, 2005 Tweet | Share

Most teams, you know, only the next player to bat puts pads on. With Zimbabwe, everyone puts pads on."

A Zimbabwe supporter half-jokingly comments on his national team

Aug 13, 2005 Tweet | Share

Hopeless, clueless, useless.

The Herald, Zimbabwe's national newspaper, sums up the cricket team's latest performance

Aug 11, 2005 Tweet | Share

No team should be compelled to go to a place where gross human rights abuses are occurring.

New Zealand foreign minister Phil Goff on why his government doesn't want the tour of Zimbabwe to go ahead

Jul 10, 2005 Tweet | Share

Anyone who believes President Robert Mugabe will lose sleep over New Zealand not coming to Zimbabwe might as well believe he is not his son's mother or her mother's daughter.

Editorial in the Zimbabwe Independent on why New Zealand's tour should go ahead

Jun 27, 2005 Tweet | Share

I'll walk you to the changing room. What are you averaging? You must know your average? 9? 10? Maybe 9.5, so we'll give you 10.

Mark Boucher tries mental disintegration against Tatenda Taibu, as Zimbabwe disintegrate at Centurion Park

Mar 13, 2005 Tweet | Share

It's time someone told them the truth and you can't have this cricket on the international arena. People sitting back and watching this have got to be saying that this is wrong ... however much they need their plum jobs.

Former Zimbabwe captain Dave Houghton calls on the ICC to take Zimbabwe out of the firing line

Mar 3, 2005 Tweet | Share

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