India v West Indies, Champions Trophy, Group B, The Oval June 11, 2013

Jadeja, Dhawan take India into semi-final


India 236 for 2 (Dhawan 102*, Karthik 51*, Rohit 52) beat West Indies 233 for 9 (Charles 60, Sammy 56*, Jadeja 5-36) by 8 wickets
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Four years ago, almost to the day, in the same city of London, Ravindra Jadeja was a hare caught in the headlights. He could neither get out nor hit out, and his 25 off 35 in that Twenty20 match against England - India were knocked out of that World T20 - earned him what seemed like a lifetime of ridicule. He wasn't supposed to succeed at international cricket. He did. He wasn't supposed to succeed outside Asia at least. He has, for now.

When Jadeja was introduced in this Champions Trophy match, West Indies had marched to 92 for 1 in 17 overs, and Johnson Charles, an awkward batsman to deal with, was timing everything he hit. He had carted Bhuvneshwar Kumar, deflected Umesh Yadav and lofted Virat Kohli and even R Ashwin. India were staring at a big total, but Jadeja twirled that ball like he does his new 'tache. Some turned and some didn't; most of them were headed for the stumps, but at different speeds; five of them got wickets, two lbws and one bowled; West Indies went from 102 for 1 to 182 for 9, and India into the semi-final of the Champions Trophy. West Indies now need to beat South Africa to progress; Pakistan were knocked out.

The target of 234 - thanks to Jadeja and despite Darren Sammy's 56 off 35 towards the end, proved no inconvenience for India - whose openers were almost in a contest to outdo each other's attractive shots. Their 101-run stand was the first time since 2007 that India had put up back-to-back hundred openings outside Asia. Rohit Sharma might have fallen for 52 off 56, but Shikhar Dhawan went on to score his third century in his last three international innings, all reached at a strike rate of 100 or more

India won with 10.5 overs to spare. It didn't start off that easy after they put West Indies in. Johnson Charles, who scored 60 off 55, was an irritant for India, who had managed to get past Chris Gayle before he could do any real damage. Charles is not a pretty batsman. Nor is he a rhythm player. Form and run of play don't matter much to him. Once he starts hitting them sweetly, though, he can find unusual spaces on a field of play. He is a man you want out early, and as his stats suggest it hasn't been difficult to get him out early. However, until today whenever he had reached 50, he had crossed 100.

Charles was already 50 when Jadeja came on to bowl. That included a burst from 6 off 17 to 30 off 26 in six boundaries in the ninth, 10th and 11th over. After that, he didn't let Ashwin and Kohli - the latter bowled before Jadeja - settle at all. On came Jadeja, and bowled a maiden to Darren Bravo. On the face of it, there was nothing special about that over: just accurate and quick spin bowling.

In Jadeja's next, Charles tried to sweep him hard. He connected, but Jadeja had square leg positioned at the right spot. The next ball was quick, went with the arm, and Charles played all across it. Gone. Trademark Jadeja dismissal. Charles should have known better. Now Jadeja began to employ the vice grip, bowling quick, at the stumps, not knowing himself which will turn and which won't.

Ishant Sharma - match figures of 10-1-43-1 was an able ally at the other end. He bowled short of a length on a dry pitch, and slipped in a maiden with the unsure Marlon Samuels. In the next over, Jadeja got another dart on target, but the umpire saw an inside edge. Jadeja insisted on a review, convinced MS Dhoni, and found out that the ball had hit the pad first, and plumb in front.

Dhoni returned the favour in Jadeja's next over when he went down the leg side to superbly catch a deflection from Ramnaresh Sarwan. It wasn't the best delivery Jadeja had bowled, but West Indies had nonetheless gone from 102 for 1 to 109 for 4. Darren Bravo now got stuck even as Dwayne Bravo batted industriously leading up to the Powerplay. Darren Bravo finally threw it away just before the Powerplay as he danced down to Ashwin and was stumped for 35 off 83.

After India got lucky with Dwayne Barvo's wicket, others lost their heads and their wickets. Not Sammy. He lifted that bat high, and began to swing. He had to do a fair bit of farming of the strike because Kemar Roach had joined him with 4.3 overs still to go. He rearranged some analyses, hit four sixes and five fours, and without any tangible contribution from Roach, added 51 for the last wicket.

This total was supposed to give West Indies hope. Dhawan and Rohit were to dash that hope soon. From the moment Rohit cut Roach for four in the first over and Dhawan drove Ravi Rampaul through cover for another in the fourth, the match was going only one way. West Indies were either too short or too full, the openers matched each other stroke for stroke, and the only matter of uncertainty towards the end was whether Dhawan and Dinesh Karthik would get to their personal milestones.

Dhawan was 96, Karthik was 47, and India needed eight when Bravo bowled short. Dhawan upper-cut it over third man, took off the helmet, stood with his arms aloft, and then played out five dots to let Karthik get to fifty in the next over. Karthik did so with a drive over extra cover.

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Dummy4 on June 12, 2013, 23:56 GMT

    Very good Indian Selection, Gratz on the semis from a Pakistani because India deserved it for trying great batsmen and very under rated bowlers.

    Bhuvneshwar and Jadeja/Mishra/Aaron are under rated bowlers who can be good when given the chance they just miss out in the later overs against strong hitters because of the lack of pace but in early overs/test their swing and accuraccy makes them just as good as any bowling attack.

    I wish Pakistan would take a look and realize that Experience is only good when it performs and having weak but experienced players like Malik/farhat/Akmal is useless same way that Sehwag/Gambhir/Yuvraj used to be good but are no longer and India realized that and are reaping the rewards.

  • Naresh on June 12, 2013, 19:54 GMT

    I think Rohit Sharma has allayed some people who had had enough of him. I always believed that one good innings would launch him and lift his confidence The nice part of him and Dhawan is that are both fearless facing fast bowlers. They have been doing well even in the IPL. I wait for Sharma to enter the test team. Vijay will have to make way for him. Karthik is another find in the last few games. Jadeja has this amazing accurate spin which gets him wickets.

  • Ali Asghar on June 12, 2013, 18:43 GMT

    Also i saw a tweet from an Englishman also taged here in cricinfo, he said "was there an agreement between India and Pakistan during partition that India will take batsmans and Pakistan will take bowlers?" lol it certainly looks like that :) funny guy :)

  • Sheik on June 12, 2013, 18:31 GMT

    Well played lads, This is what we expect from you. Now please don't drop the guard and let complacency creep in..we expect you to go all the way and bring the cup back after 11 years. My only concern is death bowling - hope we have some answers soon cos it could cost a match when defending a total.

  • Ali Asghar on June 12, 2013, 18:23 GMT

    i really loved the way Indian fans shown condolence on Pakistan's early exit from CT13, this is thing, the spirit which led them to build a formidible Indian side, I hope the fans from both side keep showing this spirit for each other's success and lost, recently we see how Pakistan and Indian players played in India under friendly atmosphere, with having fun with each other, so far it is looking quite clear that India are looking favourites to win this, but just had a spare of thought that what an atmosphere, tensions there would have been, if Indo-Pak both reached final, dying to see such games from a long long time, I hope there'll be competitive batsman in Pak team from here on, there superior bowling has been successfuly and continously overshadowed by our worst batting displays, it has to stop now, need somebody like saeed to open, inzi/yousuf to stabilize, Razzaq Azhar Mehmood to finish in style, aahhh that good old days!!!

  • Hari on June 12, 2013, 17:25 GMT

    It looks like Jadeja is making Dhoni's life easier and tougher for Dhoni's critics. People are going to miss Sewag but almost forgot him due to the heroics of Dhawan.

  • Sensible on June 12, 2013, 16:55 GMT

    @ Haleos - Ashwin relieves pressure??? Did you EVEN watch the last game? Of his 36 runs in 9 overs, 22 runs came from slogs or heaves (4,6 by Charles and 6,6 by Pollard). Sure he could have avoided bowling in the arc to Pollard but he couldn't get that right. If he had flighted the same ball and landed it in the good length area, Pollard would have been troubled (as had Dwayne Bravo). Truth is he bowled a brute of a second spell though he just got a wicket.

    Your negative comments about Ashwin in the previous threads plus your claim that a defender of Ashwin must be a CSK supporter is laughable. Ashwin needs more wickets in ODIs. Agreed. But fact remains that he is a phenomenal bowler.

    By the way, just because a spinner goes for 6 doesn't mean he is crap. The art of spin bowling is guile. Spinners are intended to make batsmen go after them and take wickets. Guys like Jadeja won't be successful in all pitches (just like Monty who in Mumbai track is 1000 times more dangerous than Swan

  • Al on June 12, 2013, 16:05 GMT

    Agree with @AvidCricFan - Well played India. It just proves that if the young talented players are given chance to settle a little, they can deliver better results than old players (like 10dulkar and Sehwag) forcefully occupying spots. Indian Selectors did a great job in fixing the batting. They need to do the same in bowling. May be try Parvez Rasool instead of Ashwin. Ashwin's bowling has become predictable and his fielding is atrocious. Ishant Sharma has to go. We have better bowlers in Shami, Mohit, Sandeep, etc.

  • V.L on June 12, 2013, 16:02 GMT

    @landl47 I never knew that half of 10 is 7(reg Morkel). I also noticed that Morkel picked up a truckload of wickets in those 7 overs and another 3 overs for Morkel would have bowled out India for under 250 and SA would have won the match with 9 wickets to spare! India have scored 300+ in three of games and looked good to do it for a fourth time. Me and my ilk would really appreciate it if you would clarify as to which side of the 4 we have faced so far has a "decent bowling attack"!

  • Dummy4 on June 12, 2013, 15:40 GMT

    What WestIndies need is a strike bowler. What they have is bowlers who run up to the wicket and hope they bowl a good ball. Thats not good enough.You cannot hope in cricket, thats your job, you have been paid to perform.As a bowler you have to know a batsman strength wicknesses.All the other teams have a strike bowler who they can depend on but not the west indies.WestIndies bowlers think shotpitich is the norm.You cannot get good batsman out with that type of bowling.The coach was a medium pacer and England fast bowling coach. I am wondering if they have a plan how to attack other teams It surely dont seems so.