ICC Intercontinental Cup, 2011-2013/14 / Scorecard

ICC Intercontinental Cup, 2011-2013/14

Netherlands v Kenya

Match abandoned without a ball bowled

Netherlands squad
W Barresi, PW Borren*, Mudassar Bukhari, AF Buurman, TN de Grooth, WP Diepeveen, TGJ Gruijters, TJ Heggelman, MAA Jamil, SJ Myburgh, PM Seelaar, MR Swart, ES Szwarczynski, VAB Tewarie
Kenya squad
CI Akello, DI Allan, RD Gudhka, IA Karim, T Mishra, CO Obuya*, DO Obuya, L Oluoch, LN Onyango, RR Patel, EB Ringera, HA Varaiya, SR Waters, DS Wesonga
Match details
Toss No toss
Points Netherlands 10, Kenya 10
Umpires JD Cloete (South Africa) and IN Ramage (Scotland)
Match referee DT Jukes (England)
Reserve umpire MA Din
Close of play
Wed, 7 Sep - day 1 - no play
Thu, 8 Sep - day 2 - no play
Fri, 9 Sep - day 3 - no play
Sat, 10 Sep - day 4 - no play
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Tournament Results
Afghanistan v Ireland at Dubai (CA) - Dec 10-13, 2013
Ireland won by 122 runs
Afghanistan v Kenya at Dubai (CA) - Oct 6-8, 2013
Afghanistan won by 8 wickets
U.A.E. v Namibia at Sharjah - Sep 22-23, 2013
U.A.E. won by 9 wickets
Ireland v Scotland at Dublin - Sep 11-14, 2013
Ireland won by an innings and 44 runs
Canada v Netherlands at King City (SW) - Aug 22-24, 2013
Canada won by 8 wickets
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