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Players' gain, Pakistan's loss

The Champions Trophy may have been detested as a competition, but right now, no one feels quite as detested as the tournament's jilted host

The road to splitsville

The ICC was nearly torn asunder by the Champions Trophy issue; things can only get worse from here

The security excuse

If players' pay has ceased to be an issue to agitate about, conditions have not. At any rate, in the wake of 9/11, security is the new God before whom all must bow, and cricket is no exception

A devastating decision

The decision to effectively cancel the Champions Trophy completely alienates Pakistan - as a cricket team and as a nation

Inevitable, but what next?

Postponing the Champions Trophy was an inevitable compromise for the ICC, but what of the thorny questions about Pakistan's place in international cricket?

Split wide open

Cricket's clash of cultures is now more pronounced than ever, and money lies at the root

To tour or not to tour

Whether or not to opt out of series in Pakistan must be left to players to decide for themselves individually