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The IPL mess

An opportunity for a clean-up

Oct 11, 2010: The scrapping of two IPL franchises just may be the opportunity the league needs to fashion itself as a world-class enterprise, but will the BCCI take it up?

Jayaditya Gupta

Ten Years After Cronje

Cricket and the lure of betting

Jul 15, 2010: Each IPL game fetches upwards of £10 million in legal bets. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Will legalising betting in India end the fixing menace once and for all?

Ashok Malik

The most important people in the game

Jul 6, 2010: Who is cricket run for - advertisers, television companies, franchisees? Is anyone thinking of the players and the fans?

Dileep Premachandran

Equality isn't excellence

May 31, 2010: Despite India's early exit from the World Twenty20 for a second time in a row, the BCCI hasn't grasped the harm the IPL's bloated schedule is doing

Rahul Bhattacharya

Indian Premier League

Going global IPL's best bet, say experts

May 11, 2010: The alleged proposal to create a parallel IPL in England has attracted plenty of attention and criticism but experts feel it is inevitable for the league to thrive and grow

Tariq Engineer

The IPL mess

Giles Clarke's empire strikes back

May 8, 2010: The ECB chairman has chosen to mix the business of English cricket with the pleasure of watching Lalit Modi squirm

Andrew Miller

Put the game before the brand

May 6, 2010: Thinking of cricket purely as a brand will only impede the clean-up the BCCI needs to undertake in the wake of the IPL mess

Gideon Haigh

Delighting in the Modi mess

May 2, 2010: Breathes there a fan with soul so dead who hasn't taken joy from cricket controversies?

Tanya Aldred

To the fearless the spoils

Apr 30, 2010: Teams that tried to be defensive were shown up in the IPL. That should be a lesson for the World Twenty20

Harsha Bhogle

Indian Premier League 2010

Crafty Ashwin catches the eye

Apr 29, 2010: After being dropped midway through the IPL, the Chennai offspinner bounced back with a series of telling performances with the new ball

Kanishkaa Balachandran

The importance of Misbah

Apr 28, 2010: Would Indian cricket be under a cloud if their side hadn't won the first World Twenty20? Maybe not, but it's not as if the IPL has been all bad either

Rob Steen

Why so surprised?

Apr 27, 2010: The IPL has always been a candidate for Enron-sized corruption. Modi operated with impunity, and Indian cricket laid itself open to becoming a vehicle for tax minimisation and money laundering

Gideon Haigh

Indian Premier League 2010

From agony to ecstasy

Apr 27, 2010: After a pendulum-swinging six weeks, Chennai confounded many, including the captain himself, by even reaching the semi-finals, let alone lifting the title

Kanishkaa Balachandran

The IPL mess

Amin a contrast to flamboyant Modi

Apr 26, 2010: The new IPL chairman brings to the table inscrutability, a low profile, a respectability and credibility among his peers, professional competence and an aversion to controversy.

Jayaditya Gupta

IPL 2010

The game-changers of the IPL

Apr 26, 2010: The one player, or factor, that made or broke the season for each team

Sriram Veera

IPL 2010 stats review

More runs and wickets than ever before

Apr 26, 2010: The key numbers from the 2010 IPL

S Rajesh

Indian Premier League 2010


Apr 26, 2010: Now that the IPL is done and dusted, Cricinfo picks its IPL XI, and it's a Chennai-Mumbai-Bangalore oligopoly

ESPNcricinfo staff

IPL 2010

Five of the IPL's best

Apr 26, 2010: A look at five of the biggest domestic Indian successes in the third IPL

Jamie Alter

IPL 2010 review

Worth the price?

Apr 26, 2010: The players who justified their costs in IPL 2010, and those who didn't

Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan

IPL 2010 review

Dhoni's Chennai reprise Pakistan's 1992 heroics

Apr 26, 2010: Having stared elimination in the face earlier in the tournament, Chennai found their most menacing roar at the most opportune time

ESPNcricinfo staff
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Tournament Results
Super Kings v Mum Indians at Mumbai - Apr 25, 2010
Super Kings won by 22 runs
RCB v Chargers at Mumbai - Apr 24, 2010
RCB won by 9 wickets (with 37 balls remaining)
Super Kings v Chargers at Mumbai - Apr 22, 2010
Super Kings won by 38 runs
RCB v Mum Indians at Mumbai - Apr 21, 2010
Mum Indians won by 35 runs
KKR v Mum Indians at Kolkata - Apr 19, 2010
KKR won by 9 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
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