IPL news May 26, 2013

Tendulkar announces IPL retirement

ESPNcricinfo staff

Moments after Mumbai Indians won their first IPL title, Sachin Tendulkar announced he had played his last IPL. He didn't say if he will play the Champions League T20.

The last ball Tendulkar played in the IPL didn't come in the victory in the final, but a fortnight ago in a league match against Sunrisers Hyderabad. That ball was sent over long-on for a six, but in the process Tendulkar also injured himself. He retired-hurt after that, and didn't recover in time to play another Mumbai game.

"This is my last IPL," Tendulkar announced casually in a TV interview after the win. "This has been a fantastic season. I thought our third IPL season was the best before this.

"I think this is the right time to stop playing the IPL. I am 40. Got to accept it. I had decided this was my last season."

In 78 IPL matches, Tendulkar scored 2334 runs at an average of 34.83 and a strike rate of 119.81. He scored one century and 13 half-centuries. When asked if he was tempted to play the first match of the next season as a defending champion in front of his home crowd in Mumbai, Tendulkar said he was happy with his decision. "This is the best point to say 'thank you very much' to all the supporters and well-wishers," he said.

Tendulkar had announced his ODI retirement towards the end of the last year. With the IPL retirement, the Champions League remains the only cricket he might play other than first-class. The India players' next first-class assignment is the Ranji Trophy at the end of the year, before the national team goes to South Africa for a full tour.

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  • Harmon on May 29, 2013, 10:41 GMT

    @Kris Tee: Even if one goes by your own twisted arguments then Gayle has scored most 6s in the history of IPL --- please tell me how many times has RCB won the title or reached the SF/Qualifiers? This time as usual Gayle was miles ahead of others in terms of hitting 6s yet RCB failed to finish in the top 4.

    Should I expect yet another reply from you where you show your poor grasp at reading and the tendency to twist my words? I can see a nice rebuttal to this comment of mine but one needs to be a lot more aware of the game to see that rebuttal and that rebuttal would only prove my original point.

    I have given you the hint, let's see if you get it or fail even there. I won't be surprised :-p

  • Harmon on May 29, 2013, 9:37 GMT

    @Kris Tee: Once again I want to tell you that no where have I said that hitting 6s is easier than hitting 4s or that hitting 6s does not matter. Therefore it is puzzling to see that you keep saying that 6s are more imp than 4s. It seems you can't get rid of the original bias you had in your mind or that you still have to twist my words to somehow compose a reply.

    As for your analogy of 100s and 200s, it is irrelevant here. I never said that someone who scores 50 6s and 20 4s is less imp or a poorer player than someone who has scored 15 6s and 50 4s. Read my comments again, no where have I said that Sachin was more valuable than Gayle or Gilly. You seem to have a problem in basic reading.

    Someone here had said that Sachin was a mediocre IPL player, had a 90 something SR and I had rebutted it with facts. If no one else could hit more 4s than him then he must not have been a mediocre player.

    Pls stop misquoting me and stop replying to things I never said.

    @InsaneInsaan: What Hua Kid?

  • Dummy4 on May 29, 2013, 8:50 GMT

    Harmony111, in this format 6 is the clear winner. Gayle suits the format and he was consistently going the distance and so the commentators' excitement was understandable. Gayle unfortunately played in the wrong team whose bowlers and fielders let him down. I was exactly referring to your brand of logics; Gilly was hitting more sixes and so his account in terms of fours won't place him below T'kar. My analogy about converting 100s into 200s becomes relevant here. As for Kallis, he was often a go to bowler and somewhat made amends to his batting form. Still, he was overall underperforming.

  • Harmon on May 29, 2013, 7:15 GMT

    @Kris Tee: It is only people like you who would say that 6s are more imp than 4s and other modes of scoring runs. Others know that every run is imp. Matches have been lost due to scoring one run less. It would be a person with a shallow grasp on the game who would say what you are saying here.

    As for commentators celebrating Sachin's no of 4s, you did not say a word about the way they show the distance a 6 went in the matches, blind to that huh? To me that seems more banal cos each 6 is a 6 whether it is a 80 metre 6 or a 120 metre 6. Why did you not say anything for that? --- cos it suited you and you had to say anything against 4s cos it suits you.

    No where did I say that scoring 6s is easier than 4s, once again you half-read my words and twisted them to suit your purpose and were caught red handed. My question was about 4s in isolation.

    If hitting 4s is no big thing in your eyes why did no one else hit more of them than Sachin? What stopped them? Gilly/Kallis for eg?

  • Dummy4 on May 29, 2013, 1:16 GMT

    Harmony111, how come you've decided I was targeting you. The commentators were seen in an anxious mood to see he reaches a landmark which, if anything, only would have further exposed his inadequacy in the particular format. The ratio between 4's and 6's getting into a somewhat ridiculous pattern, esp in this format's context. The scenario had prompted me then into that 100/200 equation. Maybe the timing of my comment owed to a certain remark of yours and that's all. Ya, hitting 6's takes a lot more than hitting 4s, given the relevant pattern.

  • Raj on May 28, 2013, 20:31 GMT

    Sachin , I just want to say "Big Thank you" . I had my bad patches. , when i used to give up on anything in my life , your great knock would bring back my confidence. Your awesome shots to likes of alan donald, vaas,macgrath,shane,shohaib made me believe that if demanded we should conquer odds too ... When you came back from your father's funereal and made century , i did watch it with teary eyes and gave me lesson on dedication. Even on bad umpiring decision you choose to walk slowly to pavilion tells everyone how to accept and be polite ... No stats/numbers can include these values. Thats why i always say please dont measure Sachin's carrer in those numbers( averages/centuries ... )

  • Raj on May 28, 2013, 20:09 GMT

    @Harmony111 Please ignore comments from InsaneInsaan, his display name suggests why you should not bother to clarify :-) There is difference between criticising and targeting and people like " InsaneInsaan" like to target SRT so best to ignore.

  • Harmon on May 28, 2013, 20:03 GMT

    @Kris Tee: The habit of some people is to half-read words of others and base entire rebuttals on their own flawed understanding of it (or may be they do it deliberately cos when it comes to facts and truthfulness they stand no chance). These are called Straw man tactics and easily noticed.

    In my comment you noticed that I talked about the 4s hit by SRT in the IPL (& nothing else)? I had also mentioned that SRT was among the top 5 run scores in IPL and till for about 5.5 seasosn of IPL was the 2nd highest in that list.

    The point about Sachin's 4 was kind of a footnote and nowhere did I say that it made him more valuable than Raina.

    When people like you and InsaneInsaan have to manufacture arguments to back up the silly notions you have about a great great player then you tend to omit the main points of the other side, focus too much on minor aspects and add your own imaginary and almost diabolical twists to the whole of it. Too bad I caught you right at it.

    Btw, scoring 4s is easy?

  • Harmon on May 28, 2013, 19:04 GMT

    @ InsaneInsaan: Wow, now that you can't argue on facts you are trying to use Argumentum ad populum? Even there you failed to notice that most people on this forum are saying they will miss Sachin in IPL, some have even said they will stop watching IPL after Sachin's retirement but to your biased eyes all that is invisible and all that you can see is ppl talking about his Intl knocks.

    Actually I had a cursory glance at the comments. Very few ppl, if any, have actually mentioned any of Sachin's knocks whether Intl or IPL. So your "Popular Opinion" argument is easily busted here in one shot. Earlier you were merely wrong but now you are lying openly.

    Many years back Sachin transcended that barrier of being measured in terms of knocks. After a certain point Maestros are not seen in terms of one symphony or other. They are seen as Proven Already. Ppl don't need to talk about Sachin's stats anymore. And even on stats I proved you to be wrong way back but you still hold on to your bias.

  • Dummy4 on May 28, 2013, 17:48 GMT

    Good decision by Sachin. Age is finally catching up with him and he is still a joy to watch regardless of which format he is playing in. Things come and go in life and this is just another one. I would be expecting his test match retirement coming next year. We should just watch his last few years in international cricket silently instead of criticizing the amount of runs he has scored in his last few games. Although it's a shame we wont get to see 'Pondulker' again.