ODI cricket

Cricket and semantic satiation

In his piece for the Guardian's Spin, Andy Bull analyses how Twenty20 cricket and rule changes have made traditional ODI strategies redundant, and remarks that mind-boggling batting feats have become so common, it's bewildering for fans

Bowling actions

Will the World Cup be one big free hit?

Although the ICC's crackdown on bowlers with illegal actions is laudable, it's timing could mean the upcoming World Cup might be skewed in favour of the batsmen writes Chloe Saltau, in the Age

Why I am a cricket-feminist

Women need to hold more top positions in administration, and sexism at all levels must be tackled

ICC annual conference 2014

Delink Srinivasan from India's global takeover

In the Asian Age, Ashok Malik says that it is important to delink N Srinivasan from the larger opportunism behind the BCCI's decisions

ICC annual conference 2014

Cricket makes 'a fool of itself'

hloe Saltau, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, says the support Srinivasan has received from other ICC members does not improve the game's image when it comes to fighting corruption.

World Cup qualification could give ODIs context

Bilaterals tacked on to the end of a Test series, or hastily arranged triangulars, could gather meaning if teams had something bigger to fight for. But will cricket's major teams ever agree to such a proposition?

Pakistan Cricket

PCB fail to make a stand

The schedule of all ICC events until 2023 was determined at the annual conference this June and Pakistan will not be hosting any during that period. Ehsan Mani, in the Express Tribune, criticises the PCB and its acceptance of this proposal