Pakistan cricket

Pakistan cricket

Absenteeism at the toss

Sourav Ganguly made Steve Waugh wait for the toss during that famous series in India in 2001; Younis Khan went a step further in the President's Cup final by remaining absent

Pakistan cricket

Pakistan's camel-winning performance

Of all the rewards players earn for their on-field achievements, cars, bikes and gadgets have all been quite popular, especially in the sub-continent. But few can match the novelty of a camel

Pakistan in India 2012-13

New bowlers' game is made for Pakistan

A motorised parade of great heroes of India's past, including Wasim Akram, failed to inspire heroes of India's present and future to overcome Pakistan's competitive, albeit faltering, total of 250 runs

Pakistan in India 2012-13

We need a longer season of cricket goodwill

It is the season of goodwill. Pakistan's cricketers are in India to restart the healing process for fractured political relationships.

Twenty20 World Cup 2012

Pakistan lose bottle for Kohli's vintage

The heat was high in Colombo but Pakistan froze. In a game in which they had too less to lose, and India started poorly, Pakistan were never relaxed

World Twenty20 2012

Umars come of age

South Africa succumbed to spin but they also succumbed to two Umars who came of age

World Twenty20 2012

Paradoxical Pakistan are an emerging threat

If it is a rare pleasure for Pakistan to thank their batsmen for a victory, twice in a row is a luxury. Bowlers win matches for Pakistan, batsmen sometimes save them

Asia Cup 2012

No victory too small

The Asia Cup hasn't always been memorable but this year's edition is finding it hard to go away. Pakistan won the cup, Bangladesh won hearts, and Sachin Tendulkar won back his poise thanks to a landmark hundred