Controversy over illegitimate bowling actions - a burning issue in the 1950s - flared up again in the mid-to-late-1990s after Muttiah Muralitharan was no-balled repeatedly in Australia. Since then a number of bowlers (Shoaib Akhtar, Shoaib Malik, Harbhajan Singh and Jermaine Lawson prominent among them) have undergone remedial work after having their actions reported.
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Jan 23, 2015

Can rehabilitated bowlers be as effective as they were before?

Aakash Chopra: A bent arm helps you gain speed and add revolutions to the ball. It stands to reason that without it, a spinner's effectiveness is bound to be diminished

Aakash Chopra

Jan 13, 2015

Ajmal's official reassessment on January 24

News: Suspended Pakistan offspinner Saeed Ajmal will undergo official ICC testing in Chennai on January 24, to assess his remodelled bowling action

Umar Farooq

Jan 3, 2015

Hafeez fails unofficial bowling test

News: Pakistan allrounder Mohammad Hafeez failed an unofficial test on his remodeled bowling action in Chennai, although by marginal degrees

Umar Farooq

Dec 27, 2014

Ajmal pulls out of World Cup squad

News: Saeed Ajmal has withdrawn himself from the Pakistan World Cup squad as his remodeled bowling action needs further remedial work before it can be officially retested

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 27, 2014

Pragyan Ojha banned from bowling

News: Left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha has been barred from bowling in competitive cricket after his action was found to be illegal

Amol Karhadkar

Dec 23, 2014

Waller suspended from bowling in internationals

News: Malcolm Waller, the Zimbabwe offspinning allrounder, has become the latest to be suspended from bowling in international cricket

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 11, 2014

Pretoria accredited as new ICC testing center

News: The University of Pretoria has been accredited by the ICC as the latest testing center for suspected illegal bowling actions

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 10, 2014

Hafeez to undergo rehabilitation in Chennai

News: Pakistan allrounder Mohammad Hafeez will be sent to Chennai to undergo remedial work and tests on his bowling action, the PCB said on Wednesday

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 10, 2014

Utseya cleared, but can't bowl offspin

News: Zimbabwe's Prosper Utseya can resume bowling in international cricket, but he still won't be allowed to bowl his offbreak

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 9, 2014

Senanayake, Williamson cleared to bowl

News: Sri Lanka offspinner Sachithra Senanayake and New Zealand's Kane Williamson have been cleared to resume bowling in international cricket by the ICC

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 8, 2014

Hafeez's extension 'well over 15 degrees' - ICC report

News: Mohammad Hafeez's elbow extension went as far as 31 degrees under testing, according to an ICC report obtained by ESPNcricinfo

Umar Farooq

Dec 7, 2014

Hafeez's action found to be illegal

News: Mohammad Hafeez has been suspended from bowling in international cricket after he failed a test on his action conducted at an ICC accredited centre in Loughborough

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 4, 2014

'Ground pulled from under my feet' - Ajmal

News: Saeed Ajmal felt as if "the ground had been pulled from under" his feet when he was informed that his action had been reported by authorities earlier this year

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 4, 2014

Douglas cleared to bowl in international cricket

News: Bermuda's Allan Douglas Jr has been cleared to continue bowling in international cricket, after undergoing a home board analysis of his action

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 3, 2014

Shahzad, Farooq reported for suspect actions

News: UAE medium-pacer Mohammad Shahzad and offspinner Salman Farooq have been reported for suspect illegal bowling actions by the ICC after the second ODI against Afghanistan on November 30 in Dubai

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 2, 2014

PCB asks ICC for date to test Ajmal

News: The Pakistan Cricket Board has asked the ICC for a date for the official testing of Saeed Ajmal's reworked action

Umar Farooq

Dec 2014

Let's talk about flex

Features: As the ICC seeks refuge in science, it may have to confront the possibility that nothing we know about chucking - and bowling - is quite as it seems

Osman Samiuddin

Nov 30, 2014

SLC takes steps to weed out chuckers

News: Sri Lanka Cricket's drive to eradicate chucking from its system has gained momentum, with the umpires and school coaches contributing to the cause immensely by identifying bowlers with suspect actions right from the Under-13 level

Sa'adi Thawfeeq

Nov 29, 2014

What's the solution to illegal bowling?

Page 2: The answer lies in urinating in a cup

Andrew Hughes

Nov 25, 2014

Ajmal's offspinner and faster delivery remedied

News: A second unofficial test at Loughborough University has found Saeed Ajmal's action for his stock delivery, the offspinner, and his faster balls to be legal

Umar Farooq

Oct 30, 2014

Video 'Clampdown on chucking sign of effective ICC'

News and Analysis: Dan Brettig and Melinda Farrell discuss the issues arising from Cricket Australia's annual general meeting, including the West Indies crisis and eradicating illegal bowling actions

Oct 28, 2014

Video 'Majority against straightening of the arm' - Richardson

Press Conference: ICC chief executive David Richardson talks about the 15-degree rule, the debate around straightening of the arm and what the majority in the ICC thinks about it

Oct 20, 2014

Video Srinath: No place for chucking in cricket

Interviews: Javagal Srinath on the measures BCCI has taken to clam down on chucking, and explains the challenges facing the board on the issue

Oct 19, 2014

Video Srinath: We caught chuckers red-handed

Interviews: Javagal Srinath explains the work done by the BCCI's Illegal Actions Committee to weed out suspect actions from a young age

Oct 19, 2014

Video Srinath: Naked eye the best way to spot chucking

Interviews: Javagal Srinath on the feasibility of calling a bowler for throwing on the field, and the powers of the umpires at domestic level

Oct 19, 2014

Video Srinath: Coaches should rectify their methods

Interviews: Javagal Srinath on how the game can benefit from guidance and proper coaching to eradicate chucking

Oct 19, 2014

Video Srinath: Can't advocate legalising chucking

Interviews: Javagal Srinath believes bowlers with dodgy actions contaminate the game, and have no place on the field

Oct 15, 2014

Video Raja: ICC testing process needs to be made public

News and Analysis: Ramiz Raja tells Gaurav Kalra that boards need to know the details of the ICC testing process for bowlers with suspect actions

Oct 3, 2014

Video Mystery spin no excuse for chucking - Maninder

News and Analysis: Former India bowler Maninder Singh says the umpires will now have more 'guts' to report suspect actions and that it is important to crack down on players with such actions

Oct 2, 2014

Video Kalra: Narine will be under instense scrutiny

News and Analysis: The CLT20 banning Sunil Narine from bowling will put him on the radar of umpires in international cricket as well says ESPNcricinfo's Gaurav Kalra

Sep 30, 2014

Video Agarkar: A huge setback for Narine

News and Analysis: Ajit Agarkar has his say after Sunil Narine became the fourth bowler from the Champions League Twenty20 to have his action reported

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