The 25-thousand-dollar wave

The IPL auction unabashedly displays cricket's new-found financial muscle. As one owner put it: "the money doesn't matter" - to these people price is merely a figure, not an obstacle


Franchises and future stars

Cricketers runs, wickets and catches are determined by their own talent, for sure, but they are typically also the result of a hidden multi-year investment by a cricket club, board, or association that was never guaranteed to bear fruit

Big Bash League

Big Bash League: boon or bane?

People who praise the BBL, how exactly are they quantifying their eulogy? Is it fun? Yes. Is it exciting? Debatable. Is the cricket of a high standard? Perhaps. Is it benefitting Australian cricket? Certainly not

Champions League

Champions League or IPL 2.0?

The Champions League is an exciting tournament, but the only qualms, keep it even, and keep it domestic… in an international sense

USA cricket

Twenty20 in the US: We've seen it before

The US launch of a professional T20 league reminds me of another, more humble US-based T20 competition I took part in some 25 years ago


Quaint bookstore v glitzy chain

It is widely predicted that the older forms of cricket and bookselling will go the way of the dinosaur. But, like their book-loving counterparts, fans of the five-day format are a determined lot

England cricket

Players are professionals, not patriots

Kevin Pietersen's retirement from international ODI and Twenty20 cricket and the influence of the IPL on modern cricket