Junior cricket versus the elements

If you are playing - or coaching - junior cricket in the north-west of England, you can't afford to let the weather dampen your enthusiasm

Done in by darkness

New Zealand search for light but all they get is rain

Birmingham in the mizzle

It's pretty rancid, if you'd go by what a former England captain thinks

English county season 2013

A Siberian day of no play

Paul Weaver in the Guardian muses over the biting-cold start to the English county season in Hove.

County cricket

Dealing with a precipitation cessation

Whether putting your feet up for a welcome rest, trying to unpick the Duckworth-Lewis method, or battling boredom and dressing-room banter, rain breaks are an unavoidable fact of a cricketer's life

Rajasthan v Jaipur, Ranji Trophy Plate Leage, Group A, Japur

A rulebook beyond reason

This is the story of a game that was being touted as an exciting encounter, between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh