Players are barred, by Law 42.3, from rubbing the ball on the ground, interfering with its seam or surface, or using any implement that can alter the condition of the ball to thereby gain unfair advantage. There have been plenty of ugly incidents centring on accusations of ball-tampering through cricket's history: the John Lever "Vaseline" affair in 1976-77; the times England and New Zealand accused Pakistan of it in the early 1990s; Michael Atherton's admission that he used dirt to treat the ball against South Africa in 1994; and perhaps most infamously, the Oval Test of 2006 when Pakistan forfeited the match because they were accused of having tampered with the ball.
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Nov 7, 2013

Outsource the tampering

The Cordon: There has been enough talk about looking kindly on tampering, but what if it was done off the field?

Krishna Kumar

Oct 31, 2013

A little ball-tampering will do cricket good

Mark Nicholas: What's wrong with letting people help get the ball to swing, if they're doing it using natural resources?

Mark Nicholas

Oct 29, 2013

What's the fuss about ball-tampering anyway?

Osman Samiuddin: Maybe it's time to take away the layers of morality and shrillness around it and treat it like the low-grade offence it is

Osman Samiuddin

Oct 29, 2013

ICC to ban zippers, bowlers

Page 2: Foolproof methods to combat menace of ball-tampering devised

R Rajkumar

Oct 27, 2013

Why the inconsistency in penalising tampering?

Saad Shafqat: Faf du Plessis was fined for using a zipper to change the condition of the ball, while Afridi was banned for biting it. Why the double standard?

Saad Shafqat

Oct 26, 2013

Video Waqar: 'Big question mark on South African credibility'

Match Analysis: Waqar Younis talks to ESPNcricinfo's Firdose Moonda after the 2nd Test between Pakistan and South Africa in Dubai

Oct 26, 2013

Du Plessis pleads guilty, fined for ball-tampering

News: Faf du Plessis has been fined 50% of his match fees after breaching the ICC Code of Conduct during the third day's play in the second Test against Pakistan in Dubai

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 26, 2013

Another 'C' word for South Africa?

Features: South Africa's reputation of being arguably the most professional and respectable team has taken a hit by the ball-tampering episode

Firdose Moonda in Dubai

Oct 26, 2013

PCB wants clarification on 'inconsistent' ball-tampering penalty

News: Najam Sethi, the chairman of the interim management committee running the PCB, has said the Pakistan board wants clarification from the ICC on the "inconsistency" in the application of the ball-tampering rule

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 26, 2013

No zips on cricket kit by 2015

News: It has been revealed that zips were due to be banned from international cricket kit before the latest ball-tampering controversy

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 25, 2013

Video South Africa penalised for ball tampering-1

News and Analysis: South Africa were penalised five runs for ball tampering and the team will likely be the subject of a hearing after play on the third day of the second Test against Pakistan in Dubai

Oct 25, 2013

South Africa penalised for ball-tampering

News: South Africa were penalised five runs for ball-tampering and the team was the subject of a hearing after play on the third day

Firdose Moonda in Dubai

Oct 25, 2013

'We don't cheat' - AB de Villiers

News: South Africa are claiming innocence over the ball-tampering penalty they were hit with after the 30th over of Pakistan's second innings on the third day in Dubai

Firdose Moonda in Dubai

Jun 29, 2013

Umpires given power to curb ball tampering

News: In a bid to clamp down on ball tampering, the ICC has strenghened the umpires' authority by agreeing a two-step on-field process to deal with the issue

ESPNcricinfo staff

Jan 17, 2013

Tendulkar's perfect balance

: While the team, the country and the sport changed around him, Tendulkar remained constant

Sharda Ugra

Sep 25, 2010

An establishment fudge

Rewind to: Eighteen years ago a series between England and Pakistan finished amid scenes of acrimony, fuelled by the incompetence of the TCCB and the ICC

Martin Williamson

Mar 8, 2010

Keep it simple

Rahul Bhattacharya: The more you legislate the game, the more anal it will become

Rahul Bhattacharya

Feb 11, 2010

The hows and whys of ball-tampering

The Insider: Just about every cricketer has tried to alter the condition of the ball; the batsman-friendly nature of the game is to blame

Aakash Chopra

Feb 5, 2010

The rebel who could be king, and a rule whose time may be up

Harsha Bhogle: Why Afridi may be the captain Pakistan needs, and why the case against ball-tampering may not be as strong as some of us think

Harsha Bhogle

Feb 2, 2010

'Shahid's desire to win was there for all to see'

What They Said About: Shahid Afridi was banned for two Twenty20s after being caught on camera biting the ball during the final ODI in Perth. Disbelief and jokes followed

ESPNcricinfo staff

Jan 31, 2010

Afridi banned for two T20s for ball-tampering

News: Shahid Afridi has been banned for two Twenty20 internationals after being found guilty of ball-tampering during Pakistan's two-wicket loss to Australia at the WACA in Perth

ESPNcricinfo staff

Jan 9, 2010

'What would we say if it was Pakistan?'

What They Said About: South Africa thought England's bowlers were "a bit naughty" with the ball in Cape Town. Others weighed in too

ESPNcricinfo staff
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