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When Bob Woolmer was found dead in his Jamaica hotel room after Pakistan's shock loss to Ireland in the 2007 World Cup, speculation raged (for nearly three months) over whether foul play was involved. The see-sawing, near-farcical investigation delivered a verdict of death by natural causes. Then a jury, after a six-week long inquest, decided there was insufficient evidence as to whether the death owed to natural causes or a criminal act
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Mar 18, 2011

He who loved the game

Tributes: Bob Woolmer died in desperately sad circumstances, but it's his innocence and integrity that he will be remembered for

Ivo Tennant

Nov 28, 2007

Woolmer jury delivers open verdict

News: An 11-member jury handed down an open verdict on the death of the former Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 27, 2007

Inquest enters seventh week

News: The inquest into the death of former Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer entered its seventh week with coroner Patrick Murphy summarising the statements of five more witnesses on Monday

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 24, 2007

Woolmer inquest goes into sixth week

News: The coroner's inquest into the death of former Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer has extended for another week, with coroner Patrick Murphy yet to continue his summation of the evidence on Monday

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 22, 2007

Inquest jury retires to consider Woolmer verdict

News: The inquest into the death of former Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer ended on Wednesday, 26 days after it began in Kingston, Jamaica

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 20, 2007

Woolmer's final email discusses 'abysmal' performance

News: Bob Woolmer was a "little depressed" following his team's exit from the World Cup and he was looking forward to going home, according to an email that may have been his final words before his death in Kingston

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 16, 2007

Mark Shields defends decision to close investigations

News: Jamaica's deputy commissioner of police Mark Shields, appearing for the third consecutive day at an inquest into former Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer's death, has defended the Jamaica Constabulary Force's decision to close investigations into the case

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 15, 2007

Pakistani players refuse to testify at Woolmer's inquest

News: One of Jamaica's top police officers has said that four members of the Pakistan cricket team have declined to testify at the inquest into the death of their former coach Bob Woolmer

Nov 14, 2007

Mark Shields: ICC had ruled out Woolmer match-fixing link

News: Mark Shields, Jamaica's Deputy Commissioner of Police, has testified at an inquest that the ICC's Anti-Corruption and Security Team, who assisted his force in the investigations, had ruled out a match-fixing link in connection with the death of Bob Woolme

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 9, 2007

Woolmer's stomach contained pesticide - specialist

News: Bob Woolmer's stomach samples contained significant amounts of a pesticide, the chief forensic officer at the government forensic laboratory in Kingston told the inquest

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 7, 2007

DNA samples yield no matches

News: The genetic samples taken from Woolmer's hotel room matched his DNA and not any of the others questioned in the case

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 6, 2007

Coroner calls for further tests on Woolmer's body

News: Coroner Patrick Murphy has asked for further tests to be carried out on samples taken from Woolmer's body

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 2, 2007

Five witnesses testify on 13th day

News: Five witnesses testified into the death of former Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer on the 13th day of the coroner's inquest at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 1, 2007

Blood sample contamination possible: forensic scientist

News: A British forensic scientist has told the coroner's inquest that the traces of pesticide found in Woolmer's blood could have been due to contamination

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 30, 2007

Pathologist criticised for not following accepted practices

News: Ere Sheshiah, the Jamaican government pathologist, came under criticism for not following accepted international practices

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 30, 2007

Janitor saw Woolmer with bundle of notes

News: A janitorial supervisor in the Pakistan dressing room during the World Cup testified at the inquest into Bob Woolmer's death that she saw him counting a bundle of notes in the presence of another man she claimed looked Indian

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 27, 2007

Woolmer toxicology tests inconclusive, says analyst

News: Toxicology tests on Bob Woolmer, the former Pakistan coach, showed conflicting results as to whether he had ingested poison, a Jamaican forensic analyst told the inquest into Woolmer's death on Friday

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 26, 2007

Third party involved in Woolmer's death, says pathologist

News: Ere Sheshiah, the pathologist who conducted the autopsy of the Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer, has said that cell-phone pictures showed that a third party was behind Woolmer's death

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 25, 2007

Pathologist maintains Woolmer was strangled

News: Ere Sheshiah, the pathologist, has stood by his finding that Woolmer's death was because of poisoning and strangulation

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 24, 2007

Pathologist points to flaws in Woolmer autopsy

News: South African pathologist Lorna Martin has told the inquest that former Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer had died of natural causes by pointing to flaws in the original autopsy

ESPNcricinfo staff
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