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The growth of Twenty20 cricket has raised serious questions over the utility of the 50-over game, and concerns for its future. Though it is still the currency of the two main ICC tournaments, some boards have already shortened their domestic format. Suggestions for change have been plenty and even the ICC is thinking about tweaking the format.
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Apr 4, 2014

The future of close finishes in limited overs

The Cordon: Will last-over chases continue to have the capacity for drama?

Samir Chopra

Jan 31, 2014

Forty overs is one-day cricket's future

Martin Crowe: It's the ideal amount of time to pack in plenty of action while also giving players a chance to construct innings and making for a better spectator experience

Martin Crowe

Oct 23, 2013

Eight ways to empower bowlers in ODIs

The Cordon: If we don't want limited-overs cricket to turn into one-sided massacres, we need to change some rules and encourage attacking fields

V Ramnarayan

Sep 21, 2013

Fifty overs suck

The Cordon: Especially when they are offered up as an afterthought. Why not give the 25-over two-innings format a shot?

Matt Cleary

Sep 20, 2013

World Cup qualification could give ODIs context

The Cordon: Bilaterals tacked on to the end of a Test series, or hastily arranged triangulars, could gather meaning if teams had something bigger to fight for. But will cricket's major teams ever agree to such a proposition?

Samir Chopra

Jul 1, 2012

Contract the schedule

Ian Chappell: If Tests are limited to the top eight teams, T20s to clubs and a relegation system is introduced in ODIs, all three formats could survive and cricket could gain a broader talent pool

Ian Chappell

Jun 22, 2012

Audio Does ODI cricket need so much tweaking?

Time Out: Harsha Bhogle, Sanjay Manjrekar and Ian Chappell discuss the latest set of proposed changes to the format, and where the ICC needs to draw a line

Jun 21, 2012

Is it time to bury the ODI?

Sanjay Manjrekar: As far as the limited-overs formats go, the 50-overs game has showed it has probably outlived its usefulness

Sanjay Manjrekar

Jun 4, 2012

ICC's mixed bag for bowlers

Features: Two bouncers an over is good news for fast bowlers but taking away an outfielder is bad news for spinners

Aakash Chopra

Nov 26, 2011

Swann wants ODIs scrapped

News: Graeme Swann has said he would favour a scrapping of one-day international cricket to ease the congestion in a packed fixture list

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 11, 2011

'They're complicating the laws, not simplifying them'

What They Said About: The ICC's revision of the rules to do with Powerplays, new balls in ODIs, runners, and obstruction of the field take effect from today. Former and current players weigh in on the changes

Oct 10, 2011

Players prepare to grapple with new rules

News: The players in the 2011 NKP Salve Challenger Trophy will have to adjust to the ICC's new rules

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 5, 2011

Spinners and reverse-swingers under threat

Dileep Premachandran: The latest rule changes in ODIs are unlikely to inject excitement into the format. How well the Powerplay tweaks work will depend on a team's strength, and two new balls will handicap plenty of bowlers

Dileep Premachandran

Sep 30, 2011

Powerplay tweaks and end of runners

News: West Indies' tour of Bangladesh, which begins with a Twenty20 on October 11, will be the first international series under the ICC's revised playing conditions

ESPNcricinfo staff

May 11, 2011

ICC cricket committee calls for DRS in all Tests

News: The ICC's Cricket Committee unanimously recommended the use of the Decision Review System (DRS) in all Tests among other proposals

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 5, 2010

Audio Can India save Test cricket?

Switch Hit: Why India's thrilling win in front of a bumper final-day crowd could turn the Twenty20 tide. Plus, England resolve their contract distraction

Sep 15, 2010

Audio Will the new Test championship proposals work?

Switch Hit: We evaluate the ICC's ideas for the revival of Test cricket. Plus, reaction from the England v Pakistan ODIs and a chat with KP's new coach Graham Ford.

Sep 1, 2010

Thumbs up, reluctantly

Peter English: The most Australian players seem to be able to offer in support of the split-innings format trial seems to be "interesting"

Peter English

Aug 1, 2010

Bizarre and short-sighted

Essays: The ECB's decision to scrap 50-over cricket for the 2010 domestic season is bizarre and short-sighted. It is all to do with the ļ¬nances, and not the standard of the cricket.

Duncan Fletcher

Jul 7, 2010

Audio 'Murali embodied the hopes of a nation'

Switch Hit: Shane Warne on Murali's career and the current Aussie side, a look ahead to the Bangladesh ODIs, and more on Howardgate

Jun 27, 2010

The one-day international

Turning Points: A format that is criticised today for being unwieldy and dull, was for three decades cricket's biggest bread-winner

Sambit Bal

Jun 21, 2010

Audio Do the Aussies have the X Factor?

Switch Hit: Can an inexperienced Australian team find form in English conditions? A preview of the ODI series

Jun 21, 2010

'ODI cricket will grow stronger' - Lorgat

News: Haroon Lorgat, the chief executive of the ICC, has reaffirmed his faith in the ODI format, reposing faith on its ability to draw big crowds and generate sizeable viewership

ESPNcricinfo staff

Jun 20, 2010

Don't change the rules, play better

Ian Chappell: A two-innings format is not going to make one-day cricket more attractive. What it needs is more imaginative captaincy and less gimmicks

Ian Chappell

Jun 18, 2010

Players will have a say on split innings

News: Australia's players will be consulted as Cricket Australia prepares to determine the exact format for split-innings one-day matches

ESPNcricinfo staff

Jun 16, 2010

Audio Does ODI cricket have a future?

Time Out: Ian Chappell and Sanjay Manjrekar speak to Harsha Bhogle about the challenges for the 50-over game

Jun 15, 2010

Audio To split or not to split?

Switch Hit: Haroon Lorgat on the 40-over one-dayers' trial, why KP doesn't need a county, and Windies cricket goes full circle

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