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Cricket's biggest match-fixing scandal was unearthed in 2000, when Hansie Cronje admitted he had accepted money to throw matches. Soon players from other countries were implicated, among them Mohammad Azharuddin and Saleem Malik. Since then, allegations of fixing - including the new phenomenon of spot-fixing - have cropped up sporadically, and it has been acknowledged that bookmakers and the underworld have been active in trying to influence cricket results and specific moments in play. In 2010, scandal reared its head again when three leading Pakistan players were questioned by Scotland Yard and suspended by the ICC over spot-fixing charges.
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Dec 17, 2014

BCCI cites Ganguly, Gavaskar, Shastri related to clause change

News: The Supreme Court reserved its final order on the 2013 IPL corruption case with reference to the role of sidelined BCCI president N Srinivasan

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 15, 2014

Video Ugra: No defence for officials not acting on crucial information

News and Analysis: Gaurav Kalra and Sharda Ugra talk about the BCCI clause the Supreme Court will examine and the developments on Sundar Raman not responding to information regarding betting in the IPL

Nov 27, 2014

Why can't CSK be disqualified, asks Supreme Court

News: The Supreme Court asked the BCCI counsel whether the Chennai Super Kings franchise should be disqualified in order to sort out the conflict of interest issues pertaining to the IPL corruption case

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 25, 2014

Staggered judgements on IPL case, says court

News: The Supreme Court indicated on Tuesday that judgement orders around the 2013 IPL corruption case will be announced at various stages, in keeping with the varied nature of findings on individuals probed by the Mudgal committee

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 24, 2014

Video 'Everything stems from conflict of interest'

News and Analysis: ESPNcricinfo Editor-in-Chief Sambit Bal and Executive Editor Jayaditya Gupta join Gaurav Kalra to discuss how conflict of interest is the fundamental problem in the IPL corruption case after it was brought up by the Supreme Court on Monday

Nov 24, 2014

Supreme Court brings in CSK conflict angle

News: The Supreme Court has added a dimension to the IPL spot-fixing case by bringing in the issue of N Srinivasan's alleged conflict of interest in being the head of the BCCI and the owner of the Chennai Super Kings franchise

Sharda Ugra

Nov 24, 2014

Supreme Court sticks to its stand on not naming players

News: The Supreme Court has stuck to its decision to not allow the naming of players mentioned in the Mudgal Committee report

Sharda Ugra

Nov 21, 2014

Video 'Srinivasan on a strong wicket for now'

News and Analysis: Gaurav Kalra speaks with sports law expert Desh Gaurav Sekhri on the IPL corruption scandal

Nov 21, 2014

No reason for me to stay away - Srinivasan

News: ICC chairman N Srinivasan has asked the Supreme Court of India to allow him to be reinstated as BCCI president since the Mudgal committee report had made it clear that he was not involved in any fixing or betting

Nagraj Gollapudi

Nov 21, 2014

Why should we pay for Gurunath's mistakes, asks CSK

News: India Cements Ltd, the owner of Chennai Super Kings, has said that even if it is proved that Gurunath Meiyappan was a team official, the franchise cannot be held guilty for violation of any of IPL rules by him

Nagraj Gollapudi

Nov 21, 2014

Kundra ready to give up Royals stake till cleared

News: Raj Kundra, one of the co-owners of the Rajasthan Royals, has said that he will hand over his stake in the franchise to the Supreme Court or anyone it appoints till the allegations levelled against him are cleared

Nagraj Gollapudi

Nov 19, 2014

Pakistan should not welcome Amir back

Guest Column: The serene team culture cultivated by Misbah and his men shouldn't be allowed to be disrupted by a player with a tainted past

Ramiz Raja

Nov 19, 2014

PCB writes to ICC about Amir ban

News: The PCB has written a letter to the ICC requesting that the governing body review the conditions of Mohammad Amir's spot-fixing ban

Umar Farooq

Nov 18, 2014

BCCI backs Srinivasan and Sundar Raman

News: The BCCI has given N Srinivasan a clean chit and said no action will be taken against IPL COO Sundar Raman in the IPL corruption case

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 18, 2014

BCCI moves to stop leaks to Aditya Verma

News: The BCCI is looking at investigating whether any of its member units' representatives have been feeding data to its opponents in a prolonged court battle regarding the IPL corruption scandal

Amol Karhadkar

Nov 17, 2014

Video Ugra: Srinivasan not in the clear yet

News and Analysis: Gaurav Kalra and Sharda Ugra analyse what the latest developments in the Mudgal probe mean

Nov 17, 2014

Srinivasan ignored player's code of conduct violation - Mudgal report

News: The Mudgal report has found ICC chairman and sidelined BCCI president N Srinivasan not guilty of either betting or fixing, or of having tried to prevent the investigation into the IPL 2013 corruption scandal

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 17, 2014

One of the most powerful men in the game

Features: A profile of an official who remained influential during both the Lalit Modi regime and when N Srinivasan took charge

Nagraj Gollapudi

Nov 15, 2014

Mudgal committee clears three players named in Court

News: The three cricketers whose names were inadvertently taken by Justice TS Thakur in the 2013 IPL corruption case in the Supreme Court on Friday have been cleared by the Mudgal committee

Sharda Ugra

Nov 15, 2014

'I have nothing to worry' - Srinivasan

News: N Srinivasan, the ICC chairman and sidelined BCCI president, is confident that the Mudgal report on the IPL 2013 spot-fixing saga has nothing incriminating against him

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 14, 2014

Video Bal: Safe to infer certain level of impropriety involved

News and Analysis: Sambit Bal and Sharda Ugra join Gaurav Kalra to discuss the implications of the Mudgal report on the 2013 IPL spot-fixing case

Nov 14, 2014

Srinivasan named in Mudgal report

News: The Supreme Court of India has named N Srinivasan, and IPL chief operating officer Sundar Raman, for "misdemeanours" committed in connection with the 2013 IPL spot-fixing case

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 14, 2014

What's next for Srinivasan, BCCI?

Features: ESPNcricinfo explains what today's developments in court mean in the overall scheme of ongoing investigations into IPL corruption case and where could this lead to in the near future

ESPNcricinfo staff

Nov 13, 2014

PCB urges Butt, Asif to come clean

News: Shaharyar Khan, the PCB chairman, has urged banned cricketers Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif to come clean about their role in the 2010 spot-fixing controversy, to push their case for an early return to cricket

Umar Farooq

Nov 10, 2014

Decision on Srinivasan's re-election eligibility postponed

News: A decision on whether N Srinivasan will be allowed to stand for re-election in the BCCI on November 20 has been put off by another four days, with the Supreme Court adjourning the matter

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 2, 2014

Video Chris Cairns appears in court

News and Analysis: Alan Gardner reports from Westminster Magistrates' Court where Chris Cairns appeared for the first hearing of his trial for perjury

May 19, 2014

Video O' Brien: I wanted Vincent to come clean

News and Analysis: Former New Zealand pacer Iain O' Brien talks about confronting Lou Vincent in 2012, and the pressing need for the cricketing world to tackle spot-fixing

Mar 25, 2014

Video 'Court has come down with a sledgehammer'

News and Analysis: Sharda Ugra, Jayaditya Gupta and Gaurav Kalra discuss the Supreme Court of India's recommendation that N Srinivasan should step down as BCCI president

Dec 28, 2013

Video IPL scandal: Did the BCCI do enough?

Review 2013: Daryll Cullinan, Mark Butcher, Jarrod Kimber, Sharda Ugra, Sambit Bal and David Hopps look back on the IPL's betting and fixing imbroglio

Sep 14, 2013

Video 'They let the big fish get away' - Sreesanth's lawyer

News and Analysis: Sreesanth's legal counsel Rebecca John on the life ban handed out to him by the BCCI

Sep 13, 2013

Video A welcome but flawed verdict

News and Analysis: Aakash Chopra, Sharda Ugra and Jayaditya Gupta discuss the BCCI's verdict on the players it found guilty of fixing during IPL 2013

Sep 9, 2013

Video Ajit Chandila granted bail

News and Analysis: ESPNcricinfo presenter Raunak Kapoor, who has a degree in law, explains the Delhi court's decision to grant bail to Ajit Chandila, one of three Rajasthan Royals cricketers accused in the IPL spot-fixing case

Aug 14, 2013

Video Isam: Sense of pride that Bangladesh is fighting corruption

News and Analysis: ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent Mohammad Isam talks about the implications of the charges against nine individuals involved in corruption in the BPL

Aug 6, 2013

Video Dravid: 'No player can say he didn't know about the issue of fixing'

Interviews: Rahul Dravid talks to ESPNcricinfo editor-in-chief Sambit Bal about the education players receive on fixing and why indulging in such activities should be a criminal offence

Aug 6, 2013

Video Dravid: 'Credibility in eyes of public is extremely important'

Interviews: Rahul Dravid speaks to ESPNcricinfo editor-in-chief Sambit Bal about the regard Indian fans have for their cricketers and how it would be "sad" if some of that respect is lost

Aug 6, 2013

Video Dravid: 'Fixing has got to be made a criminal offence'

Interviews: Rahul Dravid talks to ESPNcricinfo editor-in-chief Sambit Bal about dealing with the charges of spot-fixing against his Rajasthan Royals team-mates, why it is vital for the law to be involved in policing cricket and how credibility is of utmost importance

Aug 5, 2013

Audio Does credibility matter to the BCCI?

News and Analysis: Sanjay Manjrekar and Sambit Bal talk about the sticky situation the Indian board finds itself in, and its president, who has become a magnet for negative opinion

May 25, 2013

Video 'Srinivasan's position hopelessly untenable'

News and Analysis: Following CSK official Gurunath Meiyappan's arrest, Sharda Ugra, Jayaditya Gupta and Nitin Sundar discuss possible measures the BCCI can take to clean up the system in the midst of the IPL's current credibility crisis

May 21, 2013

Video We want the IPL to finish off on a good cricket note - Fleming

Press Conference: Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming on the ongoing alleged spot-fixing problem that has clouded IPL 2013

Nov 14, 2011

Audio 'National boards must lead fight against corruption'

Time Out: In one of his last recordings, Peter Roebuck, who died on November 12, joined Harsha Bhogle and Osman Samiuddin to discuss the challenges for players and administrators in the aftermath of the spot-fixing convictions

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